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Looking to call the UK from your Spanish Mobile CheaplyLooking to call the UK from your Spanish Mobile Cheaply - Hear are 
a couple of practical ways to speedily reduce your mobile phone bill, and it works on any mobile phone.

The first 15 minutes FREE to UK landlines with our unique Simple Mobile Quick Chat calling service; the only charge is a one off connection charge of 5 cents per call.

After the first 15 minutes our normal low call charges will apply . You can make as many 15 minute Quick Chat calls as you want, and just pay the 5 cents connection charge per call.

How does it work?

Without getting too technical, it works by dialling a local phone number in the country you are in. If you have a mobile contract with free minutes, then this call will be included within them. Once you are connected to this number, you simply dial the international number you want to connect to.

This element the mobile phone provider doesn't see, or handle. In their eyes you are still connected to our local Spanish number. All international calls are billed by us, using pre-paid minutes you hold on account with us. To allow you to try the service we give you €1 FREE without any catches.

Get the APP - just click on the right picture to download the correct app for your phone

Although you donít need a Smartphone to use our service, however like most of us we all have them. If you are using a Smartphone then then you download an app that allows you to utilise your mobile phones phone book when making low cost calls. It helps dial the access number from us, and then proceeds to dial the destination number for you.

Get the Iphone App Here
This is one of the best iPhone calling card/IDD dialing applications we have tested, but it will cost you a whopping £1.49, but it will save you time and money when calling contacts from your iPhone. You can also program the App with different access numbers depending on which country you are using our service in. Please contact customer service for other countries access numbers.

Click here to get the App
SmartDial can also be setup to manage multiple access numbers so you can use our service in different countries. After the setup, all you have to do is dial your destination number either from your address book or your recently called list. If setup properly, SmartDial will route the call by calling our access number. Email us if you need help with the setup (on this app only.)

Please note: these Appís are only a recommendations; there are a number of free Appís that offer a similar service. You download the app at you own risk, and we cannot offer technical support for them.

How do I register ?

First of all you will need to register your mobile number with us. You can
do this by filling out the form below, or from your Spanish mobile just send a text 911 067 121 with your name, and your email address. Text cost your stranded network operators fee.

Within 24 hours you will receive an email with confirmation that your account is live. We will also send you your login details for your online account, plus €1 of FREE credit to test our service with. And a reminder of the all important access number. The access number will only work from authorised mobile numbers. All calls and cost will be itemised in your online account, in real time.

Once you have joined, and your number registered, this is how you make calls

Step 1 - From the registered handset call 96 11 96 070
Step 2 - At the prompt Dial your International destination number
Step 3 - Your call will now connect, at some fantastic rates.
Step 4 - To make another call don't hang up, just push # #, then just dial your next number

Note: Do not press 'send' or 'call' button again once you have dialed your destination number, this will place the call to us on hold, and then place the call over your mobile provider, who will charge you.

Remember calls to the 96 11 96 070 access number can be used as part of your inclusive minutes package or will be charged at your mobile providers rate to call a Spanish landline. In some cases you can or will need to Nominate our access number with your operator, this is normally applies to Vodafone.

owever even taking in to account the cost to call the access number it should work out cheaper than calling direct.- but please check your tariff and contract.

*Your Full Name:
*Your NIE Number:
Current Home Number:
*Current Mobile Number:
*Your Post Code:
*Your Email Address:
Don't like filling online forms out?

From the Spanish mobile that you would like to register just send a text 911 067 121 with your name, and your email address, and well will do the rest. Text cost your normal network operators fee

Please Note: It can take between 24 and 36 hours for you telephone number to be live on our network. By sending your request for connection you agree to our Terms and conditions of service. Please click here for full Terms and Conditions.

We cannot be held responsible for any bills or costs that you incur with your current telephone network provider.

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