Phone Line only Service

Reduce cost to transfer your TalkTalk or Post Office lines

As from the 10th August 2018 we have reduced the cost by 
33% to transfer a line from with TalkTalk, The Post Office, Sky, Vodafone and EE to Simple Telecoms, saving you £20 against the old transfer cost.

Lines with TalkTalk, Sky and the Post Office are not directly connected to the main Openreach network, these are called MPF providers, and unlike BT, they use their own standalone network from the exchange, rather than using the BT Openreach network.

This effectively means if you wish to go back to BT, (as we use BT lines) then there is a cost to move your telephone line and number back to the BT national network, as an exchange site visit is needed to move the line back over to the BT main network..

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How to Block calls to 118 118

How to Block calls to 118 118 Blocking calls to 118118.

There are over 400 Directory services 118 number in the market place, and it can cost a small fortune calling these number.

However if you would like to block calls to the 118 118 service, you can.

You just need to send an email to

You will need to request that your telephone number be blocked for using there 118 118 service, and you will need to send them an email with a copy of your last telephone bill and utility bill, like a water or electricity bill. The phone bill MUST show the telephone you are asking to be blocked and the address.

We would recommend asking them to confirm they your number have been blocked. BUT remember this is ONLY for calling the 118 118 service, and no other 118 providers.

We hope this help

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GSM 3G fixed telephone is ideal if you need a line fast

GSM 3G fixed telephone is ideal if you need a line fast
NEW - MAXCOM Comfort MM29D 3G GSM Large Button Phone

NO Landline needed, or installation by Openreach, so up and working in minutes

A GSM 3G fixed telephone is ideal if you need a line fast, without waiting for Openreach to install a line. It also offers a far lower monthly rental cost, as you can use ether a PAYG or contract SIM card.

NO Telephone line needed

Fixed GSM Phone Maxcom Comfort MM29D 3G Black with Mobile Phone Function and Radio FM Simple landline you can connect to the mobile network, without the need for a normal telephone line.

The large buttons, the bright and readable display makes it easy to use either in the office or at home. The device works only with SIM card and supports the SMS function. Operate with AC and also 600 mAh battery with 120 hours standby time and 2 hours of talk time. 

  • Works on a PAYG SIM or contract SIM (See below)
  • 120 hour battery standby, 2 hours talk time when on battery
  • AC Mains powered, or will run on the battery
  • Will work even if there is a power cut
  • Can be moved anywhere in the house or Garden
  • No BT landline needed, so can working in minutes
  • Lower monthly line rental / running cost than a landline
  • Radio, Alarm, Clock, Loudspeker

Price shown includes VAT @20%

FREE Shipping is included
SIM card is NOT included

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Super Saver Line Rental - just 10.99 per month inc VAT

Super Saver line rental £10.99 per month inc VATAll our telephone lines work with senior personal care alarm service companies such as Careline, Lifeline24, MonitorGO, Telecare24, PPP Talking Care, & Argenti Telecare alarm service, to name but a few.

At Simple Telecoms we understand that there is a huge number of seniors and pensioners out there who only need a telephone line for their personal alarms systems, or who make next to no outbound calls per month.

In response to this and the new Ofcom ruling we are offeringthe lowest line rental possible, at just £10.99 per month including VAT, keeping our phone-only line rental rates lower than BT, the Post Office, and most other providers.

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