Low cost home telephone BT line rental from just - £14.10 a month, inc VAT

Low cost Home Phone line Rental - £13 per rmonth

Telephone Lines Supplied & Supported by BT Openreach

You'll always pay a telephone line rental fee simply for the benefit of having a landline phone being connected. To help with this cost we offer the cheapest line rental deals to help reduce the cost of this part of your phone bill. When you compare line rental deals it is important to take into account both the cost of the line rental and the call charges.

This is because the cheapest phone line rental deal may come with higher 'per minute' call and connection charges, so may cost you more in total if you use your landline often. Also most companies ask you to sign a 12 month contract which will tie you to their services for this period, we donít, we have just a 90 day contract.

Simple line rental with Low-cost UK calls
All calls are per second billing. NO call connection charges....ever

Line rental £14.10 per month
Daytime Evenings
UK Landlines 01, 02, 03
1p per minute
1p per minute
1p per minute
UK Mobiles 5p per minute 3.5p per minute 3.5p per minute
0800 / 0808 / 0500 numbers

NO call connection fees, ever - Saving you 100% against TalkTalk, Virgin and Plusnet

Low cost BT Line rentalUnlike TalkTalk, Virgin and Plusnet we DO NOT change any call connection fees on ANY of our chargeable calls, saving you a massive 100% on every changeable call. This can make a substantial impact to a phone bill when you consider BT Retail charge 17.07 pence* to make the connection (*28 March 2016 connection charge).

Almost all telecom companies seems to be offering very attractive call and internet packages and bundles. However nothing in life is free and Itís important to look at the detail as you could be paying more overall. Never choose your telephone company just because you think it looks cheapest calls. Scams of the telecoms trade here

Switching your BT telephone line is easy - And its free*

Switch youyr TalkTalk or BT telephone line
If you have an existing telephone line with BT and would like to move this across to Simple Telecoms, then we would do this on a Free like-for-like basis. for you.

This ensures that your phone number and line features remain the same without any disruption or downtime. When you move the line, any existing broadband remains functional and continues to operate with your the existing broadband provider.
However we can also move your broadband to us as well, and save you more money.

Call Spend Alerts included in your line rentalAutomated Call Spend Alerts - At No Extra Cost
For NO extra charge we now offer call spend alerts and spend limits for your complete piece of mind. If your telephone number reaches a daily spend limit (set by you) we will send you an email out to warn you (this can be sent to an authorised relative).

As a further safeguard we can bar all outgoing calls if the call spend hits your set monthly ceiling limit, so no unexpected high bills.

New Telephone line enquiry or a FREE like-for-like quotation without obligation

Please enter your phone number and the corresponding postcode of your line you are thinking of taking a new line or transfer to Simple Telecoms in the form below, you are not placing an order with us. All line checks are normally processed within 4 working hours and followed up with a email from a member of our sales team.

  • Full Name:
  • House Number & Street Name:
  • Current Telephone Number:
  • Current Telephone Provider:
  • Your Post Code:
  • Your Email Address:

  • We supply all our Home telephone lines with care level 1 included in the monthly line rental. Prices are ex VAT.  Care level 1 operates during working hours (0900 - 1800 hours Monday to Friday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays). BT will aim to respond to a fault report received before 1700 hrs on one working day by the end of the next working day. Where a fault is reported outside normal working hours, the fault will be treated as if it has been reported at the beginning of the next working day. Work will only be carried out during working hours.

    *Free Home line like for like transfer is only available on existing BT Home linesLike for like contract term are 90 days. New line contract term are 90 days. prices are including VAT


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