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Openreach Fault Care Levels - Response times & cost
Openreach Copper line faults & Care Levels - Simple Telecoms Customers Only
We understand that when something goes wrong with your Copper phone line you would like it resolved as quickly as possible. The first thing to do is to test with a different telephone before sending in a fault. 
However you are welcome to use the form below to submit a fault, your details will be sent directly to one of our engineers. We would recommend this method for reporting a fault if in the early hours. If you supply your mobile number, we will provide you with updates of the progress made towards problem resolution by text message, and let you know once the issue has been resolved.

Before booking an engineer callout

Openreach charges all providers in the same way - If the fault is found to be with BT’s infrastructure outside the property, Openreach will cover the cost of any repairs, however, If the fault is found to be inside your property with your equipment, cables, damage or wear and tear, you will be expected to pay for the engineer’s time and any equipment he replaces. Charges will also apply if the engineer is unable to find any faults when tested or if the engineer finds damages due to dampness/water, lightning, electrical surges, theft or loss/removal of Openreach equipment within the customer’s premises including the Network Termination Point (wall socket).
Fault on my BT Line
This assessment will be made by the engineer on site as he is the qualified professional. By booking the appointment, you agree to be bound by the Openreach decision and liable for any charges they invoice. Our engineers will not book an Openreach callout or site visit unless it is authorized by the customer or the point of contact first, accepting the potential costs involved in doing so. If it is clear that the visit will be chargeable, we will require up front payment for the engineer call out. If it is unclear if a visit will be chargeable we will await the engineering notes and we will not make a charge unless Openreach make the charge to us, at times this can occur much later than the date of the visit, due to delays in Openreach's billing systems.

Some of the most common telephone problems we have found

Batteries in cordless phones
Old or faulty batteries can give a busy tone on both inbound and outbound calls. Change the batteries or remove them for a few minutes, and then replace them back into the handset. If this clears the problem, replace them as soon as you can. We also recommend rebooting the base station as well.
Flat phone batteries
Just check make sure the cordless phone you are testing with is fully charged. All to often you think you have placed the phone correctly in the charging dock, but it’s not fully seated. It is also worth noting that cordless telephone batteries have a life expectancy of up to three years. After three years, you may find that the handset no longer holds charge, and the battery will need replacing.
Faulty extension leads
If you are using a handset plugged in to an extension socket, remove it and plug the telephone directly into the main telephone socket to see if you have a dial tone. If you do have a dial tone, replace the extension socket and any interconnecting cables. Be aware that poorly fitted extension leads can cause wear and tear on the BT socket, which would not be included under the Openreach repair agreement..
Ringer switched off
This is easily done, just make sure the phone is not switched to silent or the ringer is switch off.
Telephone unplugged
Again, this is easily done. Just make sure the telephone is still plugged in to the telephone socket, and the connector is all the way in.
Cordless phone out of range
We have had several instances where customers have reported a noisy line, and dropping calls, which we found to be caused by the end user exceeding the range of their cordless phone. The range of cordless phones can reduce with age as the batteries degradate and no longer output as much power.
Personal Care Alarms
We have had numerous cases where the Personal Care Alarm has locked up, which caresses the telephone line to become engaged or out of service. We recommend rebooting the alarm unit and/or removing it entirely and plug the telephone directly into the master telephone socket
Faulty handset
One of the most common causes for reported issues. Telephone handsets do go wrong, and a lot more often than most people realize. We strongly recommend testing with a new handset before calling an engineer out, as this would be an expensive way of finding out you need to buy a new handset.

Notable surge in Openreach fault response and repair times. 

Starting September 2023, Openreach has decided to cease the sale of copper voice lines and prohibit customers from migrating to other providers utilizing such lines. This policy also extends to modifications on existing copper lines. The discontinuation of replacement parts for copper lines has led to a notable surge in fault response and repair times. In certain instances, repairs may be delayed as parts must be sourced from different regions, a factor beyond our control. Unfortunately, irrespective of personal circumstances, there is no remedy within our or any other provider's control. As we approach the switch-off date, it is anticipated that the situation will deteriorate further.
Given these circumstances, we strongly advise exploring new digital telephone services. We present various innovative solutions for transitioning to a digital telephone service, including our latest offering, 1PHONE digital service. This service is designed to replicate the functionality of a traditional fixed-line telephone without reliance on any Openreach infrastructure. In contrast to some providers, we want to emphasise that we do not impose the requirement for customers to exclusively opt for our digital lines. We respect and acknowledge your freedom to choose your service provider.
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