Phone Line only Service
trueCall - Stops Nuisance, Cold and Telemarketing Calls

Telephone Line Only Service - Telephone Lines for the Elderly, Pensioners and Retired People

Low cost BT Telephone Lines - Phone only line

Telephone Lines for the Elderly

Telephone line Only for Pensioners
Telephone Lines in Care Homes
New Telephone Line Installations
tureCall - Block Unwanted calls
Line Rental From 10.99 pm
Low cost Telephone Calls Only Solutions

Telephone Calls Only Solutions

No Moving Your Telephone Line
Low Calling Plans To Choose From
No Call Connection Charges
Daily / Monthly Call Spend Bars
UK Landlines just 2 ppm
Nuisance call blocker - truecall

BT Nuisance call blocker

Blocks up to 100% of Nuisance calls
No monthly rental costs
Blocks All Telemarketing calls
Blocks All International marketing calls

BT tureCall - Call Blocker 57.50
Big Button Telephones

Big Button Telephones

Big Button Phones
Big Button Cordless Phones
Emergency Response Telephone

Telephones From 25.00
Phone lines for pensioners and retired people
We install telephone lines in to Care Homes
NEW - Personal Care Alarm Line - 10.99 in VAT

Phone lines for seniors and retired people

- Line rental just 10.99 per month Inc VAT
- Includes weekend calls up to 60 minutes per call
- Contract is just 30 day rolling contract
- Includes Caller ID and Withhold number service

Telephone lines in Care Home rooms

- Full check to see if there is a line in the room
- Save up to 47% against BT monthly line rental
- Save over 53% against BT new line install cost
- New lines installed in to Care Home rooms

Alarm line for seniors and retired people

- Line rental just 10.99 per months inc VAT
- Just a 30 day rolling contract, 30 day notice
- Works with most senior care alarm providers
- Lower than the Post Office, BT and TalkTalk

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