Phone Line only Service

Telephone Line Only Service - Telephone Lines for the Elderly, Pensioners and Retired People

Telephone Line Only Service for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Contact our sales team on 0330 122 0000 Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM

Telephone Lines for the Elderly, Pensioners and Retired People

Telephone Lines for the Elderly

Telephone line Only for Pensioners
Telephone Lines in Care Homes
Phone lines for people with demenita
Line Rental From £ 10.99 pm
Maxcom MM29D GSM Telephone

GSM Phone - No line needed

No BT Landline needed
Lower monthly rental than a landline
Works on contract or PAYG SIM cards
Can be moved / used anywhere
GSM Telephone £46.27 inc VAT
BT 4600 Nuisance call blocker telephone

Nuisance call blockers

V200 Nuisance Call Blocker
V5000 Nuisance Call Blocker
Shield Nuisance Call Blocker
BT 4600 Nuisance Call Blocker
Call Blockers From £ 41.99
Big Button Telephones

Big Button Telephones

Big Button Phones
Big Button Cordless Phones
Emergency Response Telephone
GSM Telephone No landline needed

Telephones From £ 35.23
Phone lines for pensioners and retired people
Phone line for People with Alzheimer's & Dementia
We install telephone lines in to Care Homes

Phone lines for seniors and retired people

- Line rental just £10.99 per month Inc VAT
- Includes weekend calls up to 60 minutes per call
- Contract is just 30 day rolling contract
- Includes Caller ID and Withhold number service

Telephone line for people with dementia

- Fixed Line rental per month, including ALL calls
- No access to expensive numbers, like 118
- All calls included in the monthly line rental
- Guaranteed NO extra monthly cost or call charges

Telephone lines in Care Home rooms

- Full check to see if there is a line in the room
- Save up to 47% against BT monthly line rental
- Save over 53% against BT new line install cost
- New lines installed in to Care Home rooms
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