• Telephone Line Only Service - Telephone Lines for the Elderly, Pensioners and Retired People

    Landline Only Deals from just £16.06 per month
  • Telephone Lines for the Elderly, Pensioners and Retired People
    Landline Only Deals for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia
    Contact our us on 0330 122 0000 Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM
Telephone line only deals
Landline Only Deals for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Telephone Line Only Deals for the Elderly, Pensioners and Retired People

Telephone Lines for the Elderly, Pensioners and Retired People
Landline Only Deals for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Contact our sales team on 0330 122 0000 Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM
GSM desk telephones - No landline needed
No BT Landline needed
Lower rental than a landline
Works on contract or PAYG SIM
Can be moved / used anywhere
From £46.27
BT Big button telephones
Big Button Phones
Big Button Cordless Phones
Emergency Response Telephones
No landline GSM Telephones
From £35.23
Telephone line only for people with Alzheimer’s and Dementia.
- UK's only restricted fixed cost telephone line only service
- Fixed Line rental per month, including ALL calls
- No access to expensive numbers, like 118, 084, 087 or 09 numbers
- All calls included in the monthly line rental
- Guaranteed NO extra monthly cost or call charges
- Just a 30-Day rolling contract. NO termination cost to pay
- Landline rental from just £16.06 per month Inc VAT
- Openreach fault response time 24 working hours
- Contract is just a 30 day rolling contract
- Includes Caller ID and Withhold number service
- A selection of call plans with calls included to choose from
Phone line only deals for seniors and retired people
Telephone line only in Care Homes and Sheltered Accommodation
- Full check to see if there is a line in the room or flat we can use
- If there is a stopped line we can restart this in 24 hours
- Take your current phone number with you to your new home
- New lines installed in to Care Home rooms and sheltered accommodation
- Just 30-day rolling contact, with same day switch off if needed

VoIP lines for customers with their own broadband

- Cloud Landline rental from just £5.99 per month Inc VAT
- Calls to UK standard landlines included in all call plans
- Built to work with third party broadband and WiFi provider services
- Keep your current telephone number, regardless of your location
- Includes Caller ID, Withhold number service and 1571 voicemail
- Just a 30-Day rolling contract. NO termination cost to pay
VoIP phone line for customers with broadband
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Included in all our plans

Caller Display is included in all plans 
We include Call Display in all call plans, including our new Cloud Guardian service. Just let us know you would like this adding.
Premium rate call barring on all lines
To safeguard our customers from scams, call barring for Premium rate numbers is applied to the telephone line as standard. 
Openreach fault repair level 2 included on all standard lines
BT fault response or clear by 23.59 next working day, Monday to Saturday. Not including Sundays, Public and Bank Holidays. 
No Long Term telephone only contracts - Just 30-days rolling
Our phone lines have No long-term contract and No termination fees guaranteed. All lines come with same day termination. 

About Us

UK based customer services team
We take the safety of our customers seriously.
Working with Vulnerable People requires our customer services team to have an ongoing assessment that is essential for their employment and their eligibility to work with vulnerable persons.
This involves a check of a person's national criminal history (including spent convictions, pending and non-conviction charges) and other disciplinary and police information. We are carrying out screening to BS7858:2019 level, used in the security sector, to see whether an employee could pose a risk to the safety and wellbeing of vulnerable people.
We want our customers to have the peace of mind that the people we are employing are trustworthy and can carry out the job with trust and integrity. On top of this we also do pre-employment Psychometric Testing of each employee to ensure that their personality, behavioural characteristics, attitude, and vocabulary is a suitable fit. We remain financially secure and have not taken advantage of any Government support schemes such as ‘Furlough’.
About Simple Telecoms
Frenquently asked questions
Can I keep my telephone phone number?
Can I keep my telephone phone number?
Yes, we can move 99% of telephone numbers, as unlike most providers, we run our own telephone network and platforms (similar to TalkTalk and Virgin), and have telecom switches based in Bournemouth, London, Amsterdam, and Strasbourg, as well as using BT Openreach lines. So regardless of if you're moving home, to a different part of the country, or even a different part of the world, we have the technology needed to make sure that you will always be able to take your current phone number with you.
Do I need to contact my current telephone provider?
Do I need to contact my current Telephone provider?
No, we'll send them the transfer request for you. However, if you have a broadband service on the line that you are not moving over, then we recommend you contact your current provider to cancel the service. Our customer service team will advise you on how and when to do this.
How long will it take to switch over or install a new line?
How long will it take to switch over or install a new line?
Switching your current telephone service, or installing a new line usually takes about 10 working days, depending on the service you have selected. We'll normally let you know what day we expect your service to be live within 48 hours of accepting your order.
I need a phone line urgently, can you help?
I need a phone line urgently, can you help?
If you have a chronic long-term illness, disability, or bed blocking, you might qualify for the Openreach Priority Installation scheme, which gives you priority over standard installation timelines. To make sure that the service reaches the people who need it most, Openreach has a rigid set of criteria that needs to meet beforehand. Services into Sheltered Accommodation, Nursing Homes, or a Care Home are not eligible for the priority installation scheme.
Can I change my call plan?
Yes, you can change you call plan free twice in any 12-month period.
The new call plan will be applied from the start of the next billing period. Any call plan changes over this we charge a small administration charge and allow a maximum of 4 changes per 12 month period.
Can you lift barring for International and Premium rate numbers?
Yes, but only the international call barring
To safeguard all our customers, call barring for International and Premium rate numbers starting 09 and some 08 numbers will be applied automatically to the telephone line. Barring calls to mobile phones is an opt in service. Please contact customers service to opt in to the mobile barring service free of charge. Please note - Due to Ofcom directive classifying certain (not all) 08 numbers as premium rate, you will still be unable to call some 08 numbers, as they are now classed as Premium rate numbers, so please check with your equipment or Care Alarm provider, as we bar calls to all premium rate numbers to safeguard our customers, and this premium rate barring cannot be removed, unlike the international call barring, which can be removed.
Can I add broadband to my line at a later date?
We now offer broadband on a 30-day rolling contract service for the elderly, and retired people, giving the flexibility to terminate the service the same day should it become necessary if no longer needed, have moved into a care home or because circumstances have changed. All too often we talk to people that have sadly lost partners, moved into a care home, or can no longer use or need the internet service, and are left with having to pay for the broadband they no longer use due to being tied into a long costly contract.

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