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Get a UK Landline On Your Smartphone, with a UK Number

Unlock the power of your Smartphone with Simple Telecoms new "Smartline" and Zoiper telephone service.

You can now use your Smartphone as a UK Landline to get Free Unlimitedč calls to UK & Spanish landlines
at ANYTIME with our unique Smartline calling service on your Smartphone.

Our new Smartphone Smartline
telephone service includes a Free UK inbound telephone number, Free Unlimitedč calls to UK and Spanish landlines as well as free calls to UK 0845, 0870 and 0800 numbers, at anytime, day or night.

Pick the UK telephone number from the town or city you would like, and now your friends and 
family can call you as if you where still in the UK. And as your UK Telephone number is on your Smartphone and the service works on
not only your home broadband but also on your mobile G3 internet and public WiFi Hotspots your friends and family can still call you even when your out and about, so you can still receive calls when your in the local bar. or supermarket.

Click here for full information
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