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Get a UK Landline On Your Smartphone, with a UK Number - €7.98 per month
Unlock the power of your Smartphone with Simple Telecoms new "Smartline" and Zoiper phone service
Simple Telecoms new VoIP "Smartline" and Zoiper telephone service.
Mobile Phone Internet Telephone Lines in Spain
You can now use your Smartphone as a UK Landline to get Free Unlimited¹ calls to UK & Spanish landlines
at ANYTIME with our unique VoIP Smartline phone service on your Smartphone.

Our new Smartphone Smartline
telephone service includes a Free UK inbound telephone number of your chose, Free Unlimited¹ calls to UK and Spanish landlines as well as free calls to U
K 0845, 0870 and 0800 numbers, at anytime, day or night.

Pick the UK te
lephone number from the town or city you would like, and now your friends and family can call you as if you where still in the UK. And as your UK Telephone number is on your Smartphone and the service works on not only your home broadband but also on your mobile G3 internet and public WiFi Hotspots your friends and family can still call you even when your out and about, so you can still receive calls when your in the local bar. or supermarket.

Simple Telecoms Smartphone VoIP UK telephone line brings you all these great benefits

  • Unlimited¹ anytime UK landline calls, including  0800
  • UK Inbound Telephone number included, just tell us which town you would like
  • Works from your home broadband, mobile Internet and Public WiFi Hotspots.
  • Great value call rates to UK and Spanish mobiles
  • Works on all Smartphones, and its easy to setup
  • No moving from your Internet or mobile provider
  • No contracts or connection charges
  • Call UK 0800 numbers for FREE
  • Voicemail, call waiting, caller ID included
  • Great international call rates
  • All support is in English
  • All for just €7.98 per month
Just download the Zoiper App - A free VoIP smartphone App, works like Skype, but on your Smartphone

Zoiper for Smartphones - Simple Telecoms
What is Zoiper?
The Zoiper App works wherever you have access to the internet via your home Wi-Fi router or over 3G, even Bars, coffee shops, airports with WiFi Hotspots. This means you will be able to use our service to make calls from your local Bar or sofa, or even when visiting friends with Wi-Fi, it even works on WiFi Hotspots when you're roaming overseas, its a fantastic way to keep in touch with your friends.

Cost effective
Having a Smartline account on your Smartphone is a fantastic way to dramatically cut the cost of UK and International phone calls by using your Smartphone and the internet to bypass your traditional mobile phone network. Your home phone uses your existing fixed-broadband connection. Your smartphone makes low-cost calls using your home WiFi router, Hotspot or GSM or mobile data (3G and 4G).

Internet line on your Smartphone - ZoiperFantastic rates
We believe we have the lowest call rates in Spain. When comparing our prices with others, please check their minimum price and minimum duration charges – it makes a very big difference to your final bill.

Online Control Panel
With all Smartline accounts to get an on Line Control Panel where you can manage your account in real time, be it from your PC, Smartphone or tablet anywhere have an internet connection. Your account is password protected so that you know it’s safe and any changes you make are instantaneous. From the Panel you can view an itemised record of all the calls you've made and received, see your account balance and top it up, all in real time.

You can try our service for FREE - without risk or commitment.
We’ll give you a free Outbound calling account so you can call some friends and family to see how well our service works. All you need to do is download the right Zoiper App for your Smartphone, and fill in the form below......simple.

Let's Get You Get Started - Free Test Account

VoIP telephone line in Spain
To get a UK line on your Smartphone Just register your details today by filling out the form below. You are not tied to a commitment with us. Your contract can be as long as you pay the monthly line rental. However all non included calls will requiter pre-paid credit on your account. We will give you some Free credit when you register, just so you can test our service to other numbers.

Step 1:
 Complete the basic form below with all the required information.
Step 2: You will revive an email with your account username and password
Step 3: Download the App here for your Smartphone, in most cases it will autodetected your OS
Step 4: Open the Zoiper App on your smartphone, and add your username and password.
Step 5: Make a call......Simple

*Your Full Name:
*Mobile Telephone Number:
*Your Email Address:

Please Note: It can take between 24 and 36 hours for you to receive your internet calling account details. By sending your request for connection you agree to our Terms and conditions of service. Please click here for full Terms and Conditions.

PLEASE NOTE- Be aware that emergency services are not be provided via VoIP when using your device outside the UK.  You must provide (and keep current if you move) the physical address of where you are using your VoIP device when in the UK.