Phone Line only Service
International Geographic Numbers - Diverted to Spain
International Tollfree and Geographic Numbers
Simple Telecoms International Local/Geographic Numbers in over 70 countries, and can offer numbers which are in specific local area codes within your desired country. These numbers can simply divert back to your Head Office or Call Centre that can be located outside of that Country. This gives you the benefit of a local rate call cost but can also to your customer and provides you with a local presence within your chosen Country.

Each one of our numbers come with advanced cloud based call-handling and routing plans, such as divert on busy, IVR messaging, Out of Office Hours answering, Call Queuing, Call Screening, Automated Caller Menu, Voicemail boxes and much more. We can even email messages to you so that these can be listened to when you and your staff may be on the move. Prices are based on termination over IP or SIP Trunk.

Disaster Recovery
Recently many Spanish and expat businesses have experienced power failure as a result of the recent storms and bad weather; however, your numbers/s come with a disaster recovery strategies that offers an alternative routing plan which can be automatically implemented in emergency situations via a smartphone, tablet or PC.


CountriesPer minute
 One off

 charge setup cost
 rental cost


 €3.80 €3.80Buy a Australia Telephone Number

€0.0013 €2.50 €2.50Buy a Auatria Telephone Number

Algeria€0.0206 €15.00 €15.00Buy a Algeria Telephone Number
€0.0180 €19.50 €19.50
€0.0195 €18.00 €18.00

€0.0013 €2.50 €2.50Buy a Belgium Telephone Number

€0.0107 €3.00 €3.00Buy a Brazil Telephone Number

€0.0025 €3.80 €3.80Buy a Bulgaria Telephone Number
€0.0030 €2.50

    Cayman Islands*


€0.0035 €25.00 €25.00Buy a China Telephone Number
€0.0165 €18.00 €18.00

Czech Rep
€0.0013 €2.50 €2.50Buy a Czech Rep Telephone Number

€0.0013 €3.00 €3.00Buy a Denmark Telephone Number

 €2.50 Buy a Finland Telephone Number

 €2.00  €2.00
Buy a France Telephone Number

 €2.00  €2.00Buy a German Telephone Number

 €20.00  €20.00Buy a Georgia Telephone Number

Greece€0.0013 €5.50  €5.50Buy a Greece Telephone Number

 €6.80  €6.80
Buy a Hungary Telephone Number

Hong Kong
 €18.00  €18.00Buy a Hong Kong Telephone Number

Ireland€0.0013 €2.00  €2.00Buy a Ireland Telephone Number

 €15.00  €15.00Buy a Japan Telephone Number
€0.1170 €10.00

Italy€0.0013 €2.50  €2.50Buy a Telephone for Italy Number

Netherlands€0.0013 €2.00  €2.00Buy a Netherlands Telephone Number

New Zealand€0.0014
 €9.00  €9.00Buy a New Zealand Telephone Number

Norway€0.0013  €2.00  €2.00Buy a Norway Telephone Number

€0.0013  €2.50  €2.50Buy a Poland Telephone Number

Portugal€0.0013 €2.00  €2.00Buy a Telephone Number for Portugal

€0.0013  €2.50  €2.50Buy a Telephone Number for Romania

Slovakia€0.0013 €2.50  €2.50Buy a Telephone Number for Slovakia

Slovenia€0.0013 €2.50  €2.50Buy a Telephone Number for Slovenia

South Africa
€0.0107 €2.50  €2.50Buy a Telephone Number for South Africa

South Korea
 €39.00 €39.00Buy a Telephone Number for South Korea

€0.0013  €2.00
 €2.00Buy a Telephone Number for Spain

 €2.50 €2.50
Buy a Telephone Number for Sweden

Switzerland€0.0013  €3.00 €3.00Buy a Telephone Number for Switzerland

UKNo Charge
 €1.25Buy a Telephone Number for the UK

Ukraine€0.0013  €7.00
 €7.00Buy a Telephone Number for Ukraine

€0.0040  €9.00
 €9.00Buy a Telephone Number for Malta

USA€0.0028  €3.00 €3.00Buy a Telephone Number for the USA

Prices are based on IP or SIP trunk termination and do not reflect the termination cost; please contact us for a price if terminating to a standard DDI number. Countries marked with * come with only two (2) channels per number. Telephone numbers can also be setup for single line VoIP services as well.

Address Restrictions - End User's Registration
Some countries telecoms providers require end user's information for registration before you can purchase a number. Please note that your number cannot be activated until the local carrier approves the details:

The information normally requested is:
  • Current Address in country (street, building number, postal code, city)
  • Proof of address (a copy of utility bill no older than of 6 months)
  • Passport or ID card and prof of Name, business name and contact phone numbers.
Please contact us for the latest list of countries that require registration

Other Restrictions
Some countries telecoms providers place other restrictions numbers, some of thees are:
  • Limited to 2 calls per number
  • Fax not supported
  • Cannot be used for Calling Card purposes
  • 1 month lead times
We will always notify you of any restrictions on a number before we process your order.