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Advanced call handling service - Free with all our Inbound numbers

Cloud Based Inbound Call HandlingSimple Service Numbers is one of the most cost effective advanced cloud based call-handling solutions in the market place today, combining ease of use with an impressive list of call-handling solutions including Call Queuing, Information lines, Auto Attendant and Call Routing for single line or multi-site locations, plus a lot more.
Using Simple Service Numbers you can control multiple inbound numbers independently at the same time, all with their own routing plans and with a full range of services, allowing you to control in real time your call flow.

Telephone line disaster recovery

Every inbound number comes with a secondary routing plan allowing you to switch calls to another office or mobile phone within seconds, should a Major Service Outage make that necessary. Secondary routing plans can mirror your main routing plan with the only difference being that the calls will be sent to a different location, ensuring your customer call flow remains the same in an outage.

Number Translation
Simple Service Numbers offer two number translation services. The first is Basic Number Translation; this means calls are is simply translated to a single destination number. This would be used if your office telephone system already has call handling facilities or could be used as a direct line to a member of staff. The second is Advanced Number Translation; this gives you the flexibility of plan routing options like voicemail or call queuing. You can upgrade a normal translated number at a click of a button giving you access to all the Simple Service Numbers call handling features.

Simple Service Numbers is not just limited to diverting calls to a UK number or a single line. You can set calls to go to almost any number in the UK or internationally. You can also route calls to sites with multiple lines and numbers in multiple locations.

Geographic Routing
Simple Service Numbers offer full geographic routing plans making them ideal for routing customers to your local office based on which town their telephone number comes in from.

Call Handling
Simple Service Numbers offer a number of advanced call hunting groups determining how calls will be distributed between multiple numbers on a single destination. The options available are:
  • Sequential Routing - this option routes calls to each of the numbers defined in the Destination Routing Node in the order in which they have been defined, irrespective of the number of lines available to each number.
  • Round Robin - this option will route calls to each of the numbers defined in the Destination Routing Node in turn, starting at the number in the list after the one that was used last.
  • Percentage Routing - this option routes calls to the destination numbers based on a percentage calculation of the number of total lines available. Example: If a Destination Routing Node has two numbers available, one with 90 lines and the other with 10, then the Percentage Routing Option would send 90% of calls to the first number and 10% to the second.
  • Most Lines Available - this option routes calls to the destination number entry with the most available lines.
Caller Presentation
Caller Presentation is an ideal solution for customers running call centres, receiving calls for multiple organisations or businesses that have only one number for both work and personal calls.  A presentation announcement can be played to you before connecting the call to identify the organisation on the inbound number dialed.
A good example of this would be a sole trader using his mobile number for both business and personal calls.
When a call comes in on his My Numbers inbound number he will hear an announcement telling him that itís a call on his business inbound number, thus allowing him to answer the call in his business name.

The Caller Presentation can also be used as a pre-answer announcement that can be played to the caller before the call is answered and before charges will have been applied to the call, this is a legal requirement for premium rate numbers.

Call Queuing
Calls can be queued when there are insufficient lines, with music, ringing or periodic queue comfort messages played to minimise call queue dropouts. Call Queuing can also be configured to offer callers the option to drop out of the queue and request a call back from a member of staff when free, these call back requests are sent via email as voice recording along with the date and time that the caller left the queue.

Call Screening
Simple Service Numbers offers two powerful variations of Call Screening, a Screened List and a Preferred List. 
  • Preferred List - Callers whose telephone number matches the Preferred List are the ONLY callers that will be routed directly to a particular destination or office, missing out the main call routing plan. This can be useful for handling priority callers.
  • Screened List - Callers who match the Screened List will NOT be routed to the main routing plan, but instead can be disconnected or routed to voice mail as required.
It is possible to have multiple Call Screening Lists, on different Numbers within the same portal as you may require different screening options per number.

Inbound Caller Menu (IVR)
Using an Automated Caller Menu will minimise the need for manual call handling by staff while at the same time ensuring that calls to your inbound number will be routed to the appropriate team of people to offer assistance.

Multi-level IVR can be configured to allow call routing by caller DTMF. (Press 1 for Technical support, 2 for customer services etc.) In addition voice prompts; call-back and voicemail can be added to support this service.

Simple Service Numbers Announcements are ideal for customer information services of any description. Once the announcement has finished you can disconnect the call, route to customer service or divert to voice mail. Information messages can be recorded and uploaded in seconds from almost anywhere, including Smart Phones and tablets.

Date & Time Routing
Re-route calls to voicemail, voice prompts or distribute calls to other sites at busy periods or when office is out of hours. You can also set date and time routing to cover holidays, this is very helpful when routing calls to offices in other countries.

Time Based Routing
Time Based Routing can be applied to an inbound number to create a granular time profile to determine how calls will be handled. This is designed to be used when the standard time options for Active and Inactive time do not give sufficient control. For example, you may need to route calls to home workers for specific periods of time during a day.

Voice Mail
Simple Service Numbers can be configured with multiple Voicemail boxes per inbound number which can have a different e-mail addresses associated with it. Emails are then e-mailed to predefined addresses.

Fax to Email
We can supply you with your own dedicated fax number/s. Any faxes sent to this number/s are received by our system and converted into a PDF file and sent immediately to you in an email. Every department or member of staff can have their own dedicated fax number without the need for separate fax machines.

Reporting Summary
The Inbound Number Summary report provides a breakdown of calls to a single account grouped by Number. This provides you with a complete view of which numbers are being dialled by the callers and whether they are being answered. The report can be filtered by Number, Destination Number, Number of calls, Number of Answered Calls, Number of Unanswered Calls, Average Call Duration and much more. Additionally the report can be displayed for a single day, week or month.