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100% Fixed Cost Telephone Only Deals for Pensioners

100% Fixed Cost Telephone Only Deals for Pensioners
Coming soon - At Simple Telecoms we understand there are millions of pensioners struggle to pay their energy and telephone bills at the moment. The current ongoing energy crisis over 150,000 elderly people fall into fuel poverty and cost of living crisis, with 1.1m struggling to pay their bills, a new study claims. So, we had to try to find a way to help, even if itís a bit. We have developed a ground-breaking new 100% Fixed monthly cost telephone only services with the option to prepaid for any calls that are not included in the call plan/s, so you can keep in total control over your call spend, which is always the variable each month. So, no nasty bills each month, as it will just be the line rental, nothing more. We call this new service Cloud Phone Saver.

Cloud Phone Saver - Welcome to our new Cloud Phone Saver digital fixed cost telephone line only services. We can provide a new fixed Digital Cloud telephone line with a new number or convert and move your current copper-based telephone number to a new digital line. To make a call you just dial in the same way as you would from a old copper-based line. If the call you are making is included in your call plan the call will just connect. If the call is NOT included in your plan, you will be played a message to tell you how long you can make the call based on your current prepaid credit, so, you know itís a chargeable call and giving you time to hang up if you do not wish to make the call.

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