IMPORTANT NEWS- Introducing our new customer portal

IMPORTANT NEWS- Introducing our new customer portal
Introducing our new customer portal

Due to a huge growth in business and customer demand, we are updating our systems. From the end of November 2020, you will be able to access our secure online customer portal.

The portal will also enable you to track your usage and spend throughout the month giving you a preview of your upcoming invoice before it has even been generated.

If your tariff includes bundled minutes or data, you’ll be able to see what you’ve used and what’s remaining.

It will provide a secure means of receiving your invoice, as email is now considered a less secure format for sending personal data. Many email platform providers are now blocking emails that contain PDF’s, resulting in failed deliveries and we expect that number to grow.

Invoices will be held on the portal so you can come back anytime to download copies meaning you don’t have to try and find old emails if you want to review them again later.

To ensure we can attend to any customer enquiries this may generate, we are rolling out invitations over the course of November.

You will receive an email to register login details for your account. This only takes a matter of minutes to complete.

We also recommend you bookmark the portal web address, as there will NOT be a public link available directly from our main website.

To allow you time to familiarise yourself with the new way of doing things, you will continue to receive your bill as an PDF attachment for the next 2 months. By then we hope you will feel confident using the portal to review your account and download invoices when it’s convenient for you.

If you have received an email from us about the new system this will because you are listed as a point of contract for the account holder.

Customers paying to receive a paper bill are not affected by this change. 

We will continue to send a reminder email each month once your invoice is available. Then all you simply need to do is login to your account and collect your invoice.

There is no need for you to make any changes, we will collect your payment by Direct Debit as normal.

All the best
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Basic broadband for the elderly with no contract

Basic broadband for the elderly with no contract - From £7.50 per month

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared we have been receiving a high number of calls from our customers asking if we can provide short term broadband services for people who are in self isolation
No Contract Broadband
, and would like to keep in contact with their friends and family outside.

It has been a challenge, but we have managed come up with a broadband service that has No contract, No disconnection or termination fees, and giving the flexibility to terminate the service the same day should it become necessary if no longer needed, moved into a care home or because circumstances have changed. 

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Suresafe monitored alarm services.

Simple Telecoms have now partnered with SureSafe monitored alarm services.

SureSafe - Offereing 24/7 365 personal alarm service
We’re thrilled to announce that from the 1st of June, Simple Telecoms customers that use a SureSafe monitored care alarm will not be changed for calls made when the care alarm triggers. This saving will be applied across all our call plans.

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New telephone only service for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia

New telephone only service for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia

Finding a restricted telephone only service for people suffering from Alzheimer’s and Dementia can be challenging, but we think we have the answer.

For most people suffering from Alzheimer's and Dementia having a telephone is a lifeline, however many often call numbers by mistake, and call expensive numbers like 118, 123 Specking Clock, 0871,0844, and 0870 numbers, and do not have the capacity to understand or remember the volumes of calls made and cost..

Simple Telecoms has developed a new restricted telephone service specifically to prevent excessive calls, no big bills with NO access to expensive numbers. We call this service "Call Guardian Protection"

Coming April 2019

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