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Reduce cost to transfer your TalkTalk or Post Office lines

As from the 10th August 2018 we have reduced the cost by 
33% to transfer a line from with TalkTalk, The Post Office, Sky, Vodafone and EE to Simple Telecoms, saving you £20 against the old transfer cost.

Lines with TalkTalk, Sky and the Post Office are not directly connected to the main Openreach network, these are called MPF providers, and unlike BT, they use their own standalone network from the exchange, rather than using the BT Openreach network.

This effectively means if you wish to go back to BT, (as we use BT lines) then there is a cost to move your telephone line and number back to the BT national network, as an exchange site visit is needed to move the line back over to the BT main network..

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