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Nuisance Call Blocker V2000

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Nuisance Call Blocker V2000

The CPR V2000 Nuisance Call Blocker - £49.99 inc VAT with FREE shipping

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The Call Blocker V2000 puts you back in control of your privacy with the latest in Call Blocking technology, and comes with 2000 nuisance numbers pre-programmed

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The Ranging from the annoying to the dangerous, unwanted calls hound millions of people every day. We all want our phones to be instruments for communication not frustration 
  • 1500 Number Blocking capacity
  • 2000 Nuisance numbers pre programmed
  • Block all scam & nuisance calls at the touch of a button
  • Blocks PPI, Accident Insurance type calls
  • Blocks calls from withheld or International calls
  • Blocks calls from unavailable & out of Area
  • Blocks calls from fake spoof Numbers including 00
  • 3" Caller display screen and large tactile keys
  • Installs in seconds and works with your existing home phone.

Call blocking features:

With CPR Call Blocker V2000 easy to use control buttons you can view the callers number on its large 3 Inch display and view the blocked number list as well as see how many times that Blocked number has tried to recall. If required blocked numbers can be easily removed from the block list using the delete button.

Call List:

The Call List function displays the last 20 callers that if required can be individually added to the block list at the touch of a button.

Built-in Number List:

The CPR Call Blocker V2000 is pre-programmed with more than 2000 numbers which are 'deemed' as known unwanted callers. Companies which are selling by phone, using overseas call centers and automated sales lists are all pre-programmed which will minimize the sales calls you receive almost immediately.

The ‘Block Now’ button is located on the top of the unit. At the touch of a button, the unwanted caller’s number is logged into the unit’s memory, the call will hang up and the number blocked permanently. This feature allows you to block up to 1500 unwanted calls.

(#) 2 Blocking Function:

Block a number by entering (#) 2 on any DECT handset connected to the telephone base.

Withheld Blocking Function:

This will reject all calls shown as WITHHELD.

Unavailable Blocking Function:

This will reject all calls shown as UNAVAILABLE

International Blocking Function:

This will reject all calls shown as INTERNATIONAL.

"0" Type Calls Blocking Function:

This will reject all calls shown as multiple 0s or variations of fake numbers.

Unknown / Out of area Blocking Function:

This will reject all Unknown / Out of area style internet Nuisance Callers.

Last Calling Number Blocker:

This will block the last visible number.

Area Code Blocker:

This will block a region or country by blocking their area code.

*You must subscribe to a Caller Display service from your network provider for the block nuisance calls feature to work.Charges may apply.


**Prices correct as displayed but are subject to change. his product comes with a minimum one year manufacturer’s guarantee, unless otherwise stated in the specification above.