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FREE First 15 minutes of calls to UK and Spanish Landlines

FREE First 15 minutes of calls…….On every call to a UK or Spanish landline ……Yes FREE

The first 15 minutes to UK and Spanish landlines are FREE with our unique Simple Quick Chat calling service; the only charge is a one off connection charge of 5 cents per call.

We strive to ensure that you will not find a cheaper international call rates anywhere else and guarantee that same rate will apply 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our customers make considerable savings on local and international calls which means that they can phone home more often without having to worry about excessive service costs.
You don’t need to change your existing provider - just register, dial 1074 and then get the first 15 minutes FREE to UK and Spain landlines, and feel as close to your friends and family as you've ever been.

Now with the first 15 minutes of your call being FREE you can enjoy having a Quick Chat without worrying about the pennies. After the first 15 minutes our normal low call charges will apply as shown on the rates drop down menu on home page. You can make as many 15 minute Quick Chat calls as you want, and just pay the 5 cents connection charge per call.
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