Wholesale Calling Card Platform

Calling Cards - Calling Card PlatformCalling Cards or anonymous prepaid calling service, as customers must purchase a card before making a call. Prepaid services are beneficial to the operator as all money is received in advance. Cards can be purchased from a wide variety of vendors including newsagents, shops, community centres, bars and cafes.

The Simple Telecoms Calling Card platform offers a wide range of Calling Card features, which can be configured by an operator to provide a variety of services. Providing Calling Card service with differing blends of features can help differentiate the product in the market place. The table below outlines the standard services that can be offered.

Cloud calling card platform features

  • Optional Voice Prompts
  • Destination, Low Credit, Comfort Tone, Promotional, Credit Remaining, Time Remaining
  • Multiple Languages
  • Specific Languages can be set for a batch of Calling Cards or can be saved by the caller for and individual Calling Card
  • Callback
  • Cards can be configured as a callback service based upon CLI validation
  • CLI Recognition
  • Card owners can be given the option of saving their CLI against a card.
  • Balance on Demand
  • The balance remaining on a Calling Card can played in response to an IVR entry
  • Callback Hang-up
  • Caller can force both ingress and egress legs of a call to be cleared through an IVR entry
  • Call Continuation
  • Follow on calls can be enabled through IVR
  • Last Number Redial
  • The caller can be given the facility to re-dial the previous number through an IVR entry
  • Card Chaining
  • Credit can be removed from one card and place onto another using IVR
  • Speed Dialling
  • Speed dial numbers can be set for an entire batch of Calling Cards
  • Play Bespoke Voice Files
  • Pre-recorded voice prompts can be played in response to an IVR entry
  • Flexible Tariffing
  • Calls made using a Calling Card are rated using DIGITALK”s "Real Time Rating Engine” which exposes the platform operator to zero liability

Online calling card control panel

Calling Card services can be configured and administered on the platform using the Service front office application. Service is a feature rich application, which can be loaded onto a desktop PC or laptop. Administration using Service is normally carried out remotely using VPN connection the platform.

Please be advised that all wholesale service are operated on a PAYG service provision only.

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