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We supply high-quality, low-cost IP A to Z VoIP telephony services to Spanish resellers, call shops/casetas, Call Centres, and Telemarketing/Telesales businesses in Spain, as well as supply other expat telecoms providers with VoIP termination. No unnecessary credit checks or endless forms, just access to a full service, so you can start terminating your wholesale minutes as fast as possible.

Our A to Z wholesale VoIP termination
offers comprehensive wholesale VoIP call rates with three different service levels of termination letting you maximize your profits.

Simple Pre-Paid Billing
Our termination operates on an exclusively prepayment basis with billing in British Pounds and Euros. This gives you security against fraudulent traffic as your exposure is limited to your prepay balance, and it means your set-up is not delayed with credit checks and references. Simple Telecoms is completely debt free and will return any unused prepay balance right away if you cease dealing with us.

Managed VoIP Termination and Quality Assurance
In all cases we manage the routes in service to optimise performance and quality for customers. We respond very quickly to issues we identify and on have multiple redundant routes to both tolerate failures and to enable us to pro-actively withdraw sub-optimal routes from use.

Why choose Simple Telecoms
  • Our prepaid model allows you to reach the highest quality at the lowest possible price.
  • We do not require contracts, call volume, call spend or commitments
  • You can get started in a matter of days, not weeks
  • All your calls are terminated through our UK network giving you the highest UK quality
  • Benefit from lower prices due to our large volume and purchasing power
  • Have access to the highest quality VoIP carriers around the world
  • Choose your preferred quality and price with our three service levels

Game-Changing UK Mobile Pricing

Our UK Mobile pricing is already very competitive given it come with NO spend commitment whatever.

However for customers able to commit¹ to an overall termination spend across ALL destinations of 10K per month, we're pleased to offer the extremely low UK Mobile termination, please see below.

Please contact us if this is relevant to you as given the associated spend commitment¹ as it cannot be retrospectively/automatically applied to your account. 

Day Evening Weekend
UK - Mobile - Vodafone 1.13 ppm 1.10 ppm 1.09 ppm
UK - Mobile - O2 1.13 ppm 1.10 ppm 1.09 ppm
UK - Mobile - Orange 1.13 ppm 1.10 ppm 1.09 ppm
UK - Mobile - H3G 1.13 ppm 1.10 ppm 1.09 ppm
UK - Mobile - T-Mobile 1.19 ppm 1.19 ppm 1.19 ppm

Unlimited Channels
Our SIP trunk service can support connections ranging from just two channels for businesses with small PBXs to no limit on the number of channels that can be supported for large enterprises, contact centers and switches.

Fraud Management
In addition we are included as standard a fraud management which will limit your exposure should your SIP trunk / phone system become compromised. This inclusive feature is designed as an insurance policy should the unexpected occur.

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¹Please Note: Customers "committing" to a £10K spend will have at lest this amount available as prepay credit at the start of the billing month. Acceptance of traffic under this offer is at our discretion, and short duration traffic will not be accepted.

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