Wholesale A to Z VoIP Termination Services

Business Wholesale VoIP / SIP Trunks

We offer quality-focused, competitive SIP termination over our interconnects with national and international carriers allowing you to offer reliable voice services to your customers, be they Call Shops, Call Centers and businesses in the UK, We also supplying other telecoms providers with VoIP termination.

With variable or fixed call price options our wholesale voice packages are designed to appeal to business at all stages of growth, from individuals to startups through to carriers.
There are No unnecessary credit checks or endless forms, just access to a full service, so you can start terminating your traffic as fast as possible.

VoIP Simple Pre-Paid BillingSimple pre-paid billing
Our termination operates on an exclusively prepayment
basis with billing in British Pounds and Euros.
  • Minimum pre-payment £250
  • Minimum total spend per month £100
  • No minimum term, or trunk setup cost
  • Wholesale inbound business 030 numbers
  • Wholesale UK landlines from just 0.26ppm
  • Wholesale UK mobiles form just 1.03ppm
  • Per second billing, with 1p minimum call cost 
Running a pre-paid wholesale Sip Trunk gives you security against fraudulent traffic as your exposure is limited to your prepay balance, it also means your SIP trunk set-up is not delayed with credit checks and references. Please click here for more information on our prepayment terms.

Managed VoIP termination and quality assuranceManaged VoIP termination and CLI quality assurance
In all cases we manage the routes in service to optimise performance and quality for customers. We respond very quickly to issues we identify and on have multiple redundant routes to both tolerate failures and to enable us to pro-actively withdraw sub-optimal routes from use.

The importance of sending valid caller ID on all calls. At Simple Telecoms we are committed to reducing misuse of telecommunications. Be warned that we will reject call attempts with invalid CLI's.

We believe there is no reason not to send valid dialable CLI number on all calls, and indeed this is a legal requirement, therefore we will not accept any calls that do not have a valid CLI provided.

The vast majority of our customers are not affected by this, and are fully compliant with CLI requirements. But we would ask that you still take your time to check that you’re sending valid caller ID with all your calls, even those that are withheld.

Wholesale VoIP UK wide numbering and number porting

Wholesale number porting
With numbering in every UK area code, along with a wide range of UK non-geographic numbers with a direct connection to BT IPEX we can provide suitable numbers for all your customers requirements.

Our dedicated Number Porting Desk is always on-hand to manage the often challenging process of number porting. We can port numbers from over 30 telecommunications providers, including hundreds of their resellers using BT IPEX or one of our partner carriers.

VoIP trunk fraud management

Real time VoIP trunk fraud managementIn addition we offer some fraud management services and systems, although some of these will depend on the Wholesale VoIP trunk you have with us.*

This inclusive feature is designed as damage limitation policy should the unexpected occur which will limit your and your customers exposure should there SIP trunk / phone system becomes compromised.
  • We enforce prepay balances. If your account runs out of credit, we stop passing calls.
  • We can place a monthly or daily spend limit
  • We block in excess of 7000 known fraudulent numbers from various industry sources*
  • On a per call basis you can specify the maximum cost per minute and the maximum connection charge you wish to allow*
  • On a per account or per trunk basis you can specify rate limits. You specify a limit for non-UK destinations overall as well as calls to a list of countries we consider as ‘known hotspots’. Setting this to x calls per y hours can really take the heat out of a compromise*
A word of caution!
If we reject a call because it looks dangerous and you fail over the call to another carrier who then passes it, we’ve achieved nothing. So you will need to ensure your fail-overs are carefully managed or manually activated should you need to re-route

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