Low Cost Business SIP Trunks
Our Spanish Business VoIP Trunks enables voice communication between your telephone system (PBX) and the telephone network your existing broadband or leased line to make calls.

Our Business Spanish VoIP trunks have been designed for businesses that are looking for increased flexibility and cost reduction from their current phone service, and represent either a full or partial replacement of traditional analogue or digital ISDN lines.
 We operate Clear And Transparent Pricing

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How It Works
VoIP Trunks are linked to a customer’s current telephone system which is either an IP enabled PBX or by using a Media Gateway, typically, a more traditional PBX. Outgoing calls are then routed through the PBX and out via the VoIP Trunk instead of using costly traditional phone lines.

The Benefits
  • Highly Scalable - As your business grows, additional call capacity can be added quickly, and in much less time than traditional ISDN services.
  • "Unlimited” concurrent outbound voice channels for a single flat monthly fee.
  • Business Continuity - Support your disaster recovery strategies as alternative routing can be automatically implemented in emergency situations saving money on costly call-forwarding.
  • VoIP trunks offer significant cost-savings eliminating the need for costly analogue, ISDN BRIs (Basic Rate Interfaces) or PRIs (Primary Rate Interfaces).
  • VoIP trunks offer the flexibility of being able to route multiple calls from your existing local numbers, anywhere in the world, to any national or international number within your company at the same cost. So a call to a London number may be answered in South Africa or Spain.
  • VoIP trunks allow home workers to be connected to the main office using the internet allowing transparent customer communication.
  • VoIP trunks can connect intraoffice PBXs eliminating the cost of intra office calls and offering the flexibility of overflowing calls to other offices at peak times or out of hours.
Business Relocation
Number flexibility with VoIP Trunking means that you can keep your existing number, even when moving out of area, saving you costs on printed company literature and stationery whilst maintaining the perception that you still have a presence in the area you've moved from. We can easily transfer your old or existing Spanish numbers so that you can avoid expensive Remote Call Forwarding (RCF) or call diversion charges.

Fraud Management
Included as standard a fraud management which will limit your exposure should your Voip trunk / phone system become compromised. This inclusive feature is designed as an insurance policy should the unexpected occur.

We believe that the full benefits are better demonstrated than written and therefore offer a seven day no obligations free trial with £3 of calling credit to illustrate the benefits.

Honest And Transparent Pricing
Simple "NO Per Channel Cost”Whether you take 1 channel or 30 channels.
  • Trunk Setup - Free
  • Rental per month - Free
  • Unlimited outbound voice channels
  • Calls to UK Landlines from 0.79 cents
  • Calls to UK Mobiles from 1.55 cents
  • Calls to Spanish Landlines from 0.79 cents
  • Calls to Spanish Mobiles from 1.35 cents
Please be advised that all SIP trunks are provided on a PAYG service provision. All calls are billed per second, prices are ex VAT, call connection charge of 1.5 cents.

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