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Restricted telephone service for people suffering from Alzheimer’s & Dementia

We are always ready to help and answer any questions regarding our services. We like to do things the old-fashioned way so, unlike our competitors, we do not simply ask our customers to blindly sign up to our services online. Instead we offer a personalised, efficient and friendly service that's tailor made to meet your individual needs, without obligation.

You are always welcome to drop us your questions via email, or just ask us to call you back. If you want a free, no-obligation quote then, as well as the other form fields, please include the full postal address, including flat or room number if applicable, and the phone number if you want to transfer an active line. We need to check what infrastructure exists before we know what work is needed so we can't give you a price without this information.

Emails are normally replied to with within 5 hours within office hours, however a response can take up to a maximum of 48 hours at very busy times. But we always replyIf you have not had a response please check your Spam box. However if you would like to talk to a member of the team, we would be more than happy to do so. The telephone number is 0330 122 0000, and the office is open between 9AM to 5PM, Monday to Friday.

If you would like to report a line fault, please call 0333 880 1071. 

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Important information from Openreach regarding new lines and faults - 18th March

Since the COVID-19 pandemic was declared Openreach have been carefully observing how the situation has developed across the UK. Openreach are committed to keeping the nation connected whilst keeping our people safe.

In doing, following the latest Government advice on social distancing, they are revising their policy in relation to contact with end customers and businesses.

Please note, this policy is regardless of any end users’ personal circumstances and given the severity of the situation it is likely that delays will happen. We ask for your understanding if the Openreach engineers are unable to attend at a given time or date as a result.

From Wednesday 18 March 2020 Openreach have issued the following guidance to their volume engineering field force:

Engineers are asked to avoid close human contact with end customers where possible whilst ensuring customers have a working service (working voice and broadband at reasonable speed)

• Engineering work will first be done outside of the customer’s premises to try to enable working service

• All non-appointed work will finish at the external point nearest to the premises.

• Appointed work will finish where possible at the nearest point to the premises unless the engineer is unable to get a working service.

• If an engineer cannot get working service outside of the premises, they can enter if they feel it is safe and after asking two questions as previously communicated:

Q Has anyone in the premises been diagnosed with COVID-19, has been asked to self-isolate, or has been travelling to a coronavirus high-risk area or country in the last 14 days?

Q Is anyone in the premises suffering from flu-like symptoms?

Q If the answer to either of those questions is yes, the engineer will not enter the premises and the job will be furthered for reappointment four weeks later.
Q If the answer to both questions is no the engineer will enter the premises taking additional precautions (such as asking the end customer to vacate to another room)

Q Time in the premises will be limited to providing service to the NTE (Telephone socket) – additional work such as telephone line box moves, internal wiring/additional cabling, etc will not be done.

In addition, our team will ask the same two questions to run risk-assessment before booking a site visit to ensure that we don’t progress with inappropriate appointments

As you will appreciate, this is a rapidly changing picture and we will continue to update you as Openreach give us further guidance. We expect to be updated shortly with further updates on their priority of jobs in the case of reducing engineer availability.

Please stay Safe and thank you for your understanding.

All the best

Simple Telecoms.

FAQs about this form

Why do you need my address and phone number to provide a quote?
We use BT to provide our services, so we need to know where the line is needed so that we can make sure that they have infrastructure in place that we can use. We need to know the phone number so that we can check to be sure it can be moved to us. Sometimes it’s not possible to keep an existing number and we’d rather check that up front.

Will you contact the end user?
We will not make calls to the end user unless it is specifically requested. If we need to make contact, we will always contact the nominated point of contact as entered on the form.

Will a postcode do?
No, postcodes can cover several properties and we need to check the specific one you need the line in. If you are in a property with flats or rooms we would need that information too as BT classes each flat or room as a separate property when providing their services.

What if I’m moving?
The cost will vary depending on what infrastructure is in place at the old and new address. Sometimes it will be possible to keep an existing number and sometimes it won’t. So give us both addresses and we’ll let you know what’s possible.

I'm not a senior. Can I still apply?
Yes, the services are open to anyone who just wants a phone line and no broadband.

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