Phone Line only Service
Want to try before you buy - No Problem, 180 free UK landline minutes

Free Test
There's no better way to test and understand our services than to road test us for yourself - without any obligation

Our "Try before you buy" offers a simple way to test our service and decide if the Simple Telecoms service is suitable for your individual requirements.

We now offer test accounts with 180 free UK landline minutes to call your friends and family back in the UK, at no cost.
  • NO contract
  • NO hidden catches
  • NO moving from you current telephone provider
  • NO payment information need.
  • NO obligation to keep the service
Your FREE test account will only allow you to call UK standard telephone numbers starting 01/02 & 03, no other numbers can be dialed on test accounts. The test account is active for one month, or until you have used up your free 180 minutes, which ever happens first.

How do I register ?

First of all you will need to register your home number with us. You can 
do this by filling out the simple form below. Within 24/36 hours you will receive an email with confirmation that your number and account is live. Once your telephone number has been registered on our network you simply dial 1074 before the number in the UK you would like to call, and in a few seconds we will connect you...simple.

*Your Name:
*Your NI Number:
*Current Home Number:
Current Mobile Number:
*Your Post Code:
*Your Email Address:
*Current telephone provider:

Once you have joined, and your number is registered, this is how you make calls

Step 1 - From the registered telephone line just dial 1074 and then the telephone number you would like to call (e.g UK = 10740044XXXXXX)
Step 2 - In a few seconds we will connect your call.
Step 3 -To make another call just hang up and dial 1074 and your next number..Simple

What next?
If you are happy and would like to keep using the Simple Telephone service just let us know and we will change your account in to a full account, and you will be able to call anywhere in the world, at some great rates. Once we have changed your account you will be sent your web account login information for you to control and add credit.