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VoIP Geographic Virtual Phone Numbers
Buy a professional business VoIP inbound telephone number from Simple Telecome and you can have your new business number up and running within 24 hours. You don't just get a business phone number, we include a powerful inbound call handling solution to ensure that your calls routes to you wherever you are, making sure your customer isn't forgotten.

Cloud VoIP business UK telephone numbers

Customers like to buy locally. Give your business a local presence with a local business telephone number. All our business telephone numbers are held 'in the cloud' so we can point your inbound calls to the destination of your choice, anywhere in the UK, worldwide or even to your VoIP telephone system.

Local area numbers are also called STD Codes or geographic numbers (geo's) and we have STD codes for almost every UK town and city. This is ideal for businesses looking to expand in to other towns without having the cost to open a new office to do so.

You could be based in Bournemouth but
advertise numbers in London, this is because the number/s are 'virtual', so you don't need to be physically based in the relevant town or city to use them, unlike normal landlines.

When a customer dials your virtual 01 or 02 local number, the call is instantly routed to any number of your
chose, this could be a landline, mobile or VoIP telephone system, number, or all. You can change where your calls route to at any time online using Simple Service Numbers call handling portal. So you don't need to install and maintain any software or hardware as this is cloud based as well.....Simple.

Find a VoIP business telephone number

With access to telephone numbers almost any town and city in the UK there are just to many to list. Choosing your local phone number couldn't be easier! Simply pick the area or STD code you are looking for in the search box below, or if it's not listed enter the code you would like and we will look this up for you, and don't forget your contact information. Once revived and a member of the team will contact you with all the different options we have...Simple

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  • Keeping your business telephone number - Telephone number porting

    Telephone number porting is the ability to change your service provider whilst keeping your telephone number. Switching phone providers to Simple Telecoms allows you to keep your existing number and use it with our range of call handling services. Number porting is a relatively straightforward process, but you do need to make sure all the steps are carried out properly, but of course, we'll work with you to make sure it all goes smoothly.

    Moving offices - You may not be able to keep your number

    Moving office telephone numbersOne of the biggest oversights when looking to move offices is checking that you will able to move your business number to your new location, as it may not be in the same telephone exchange area, so it may not be possible to move your number from one exchange to another even though it is in the same area. Meaning you could have all the hassle of telling your clients of a change of telephone number.

    However should this be a problem can we guarantee to retain your telephone number regardless of where you move to, and with the added bonus and peace of mind that all your lines and calls are still carried over the BT network. We simply port your business number in to the Simple Telecoms VoIP cloud, and then terminate them back to your new office over a VoIP trunk.....simple.

    Business Number porting checker for UK numbers only

    If you want to know if we can port your area code to Simple Telecoms, enter the full number information in the number checker box below and a member of our team check it for you.

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