Business VoIP line - Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobiles

Business VoIP line - Unlimited calls to UK landlines and mobilesIncluding the T19PN, Yealink's latest revolutionary IP Phone
Simple SIP Single business VoIP line is ideal for businesses, consultants, freelancers and sole traders, however they are also great for use at home and a good way to start saving money on the monthly home phone bills.

The Ultimate App for showing your business number from your Smartphone
The Simple RIPDialer App is fantastic way for any businesses to show their main business or extension number, other than their personal mobile number when using their mobile phone to make a business call. No other company offers this service.

Free unlimited business VoIP calls brings you great savings and benefits

UK Unlimited call package gives you unlimited calls to UK landlines and unlimited calls to UK mobiles each month for just £29 per month. There are no charges for calls up to an hour long. If your call lasts longer than an hour then you pay by the minute (but you can start the hour again by just hanging up and call back) You'll find the call rates to UK landlines, mobiles and international destinations in our Price list.

Included is the Yealink VoIP handset, which can be connected directly to your broadband router, or for more convenience you can connect it inline with you PC. Your PC will NOT need to be switched on for the phone to work.

Business Single VoIP Telephone Line

Connection charge + X1 Yealink T19 VoIP Telephone

Monthly SIP rental (X1 channel)
  Inbound UK Telephone number 0330
   UK Call Cost
Under an hour
Over an hour
   UK national Geographic 01, 02 and 03 numbers
   Three UK Mobile network
   O2 UK Mobile network
   Orange UK Mobile network
   T-Mobile UK Mobile network
   Vodafone UK Mobile network

*Business VoIP line installation charge and Yealink T19 handset is £45. Business VoIP channel rental is on a 12-month contract is £29 per month . If you need a second channel there is a lower installation charge £40 per new channel. This service is only available to UK based businesses and companies, credit checks will be preformed, thus service may require a deposit. Prices are ex VAT at @20% (one channel = one inbound/outbound call at a time) This service is not available to call centers or wholesale telecom operators. Traffic profiling is in operation. Monthly payment is taken via DD.

Call Forwarding
You can send your incoming calls to another telephone number anywhere, any time you like and as often as you like. You can set diverts to go to your voicemail, another line or number when youíre busy, no answer, or if youíre phone is unavailable.

Voicemail -To Email
Voicemail to email services deliver any phone message that is left for you directly to your email in an audio file. It provides an easy way for you to listen to your messages, without ever having to pick up the phone. Simply click on the audio file that is delivered to your email to listen to your messages at your convenience.

Line Supports Alias Telephone Numbers
An Alias telephone number is basically a second inbound number that comes in on the same line as your main VoIP number. To give you an example, if you're main inbound number was 02071223333, you could also have a Spanish inbound number on the same line, without the need for a second line.

We can supply almost any telephone number for every town and city in the UK, and also have numbers in over 120 International counties. Please contact customer services for more information.

Access To Emergency 999 Services (UK only)
All Simple VoIP phone customers are automatically registered with the UK emergency services immediately on sign-up. When you dial  999 from your VoIP telephone, your call is sent to national emergency operators who will handle your call and send it to required emergency service*.

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*Important Notice:
Emergency calls may fail if you have a power cut or your broadband connection fails. Itís always best to have a second means of contacting the Emergency Services such as a mobile phone or an old fashioned, wired, phone plugged into the telephone network. (Itís also worth noting that the ordinary DECT or wireless phone will not work if your power fails; nor will a standard office PBX.) Your location information is vitally important when using your VoiP phone, so we strongly recommend you update your phone location records if you move home or office.

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