UK 0844 Number - Diverted Free to Your Spanish Mobile or Landline

0844 3p numbers are national non-geographic telephone numbers that aren't specific to a UK location. The 0844 3p numbers are not associated to one UK area, and are ideal for Spanish businesses or expats wishing to give friends and family a low cost direct contact number. Calls can be diverted through the 0844 number to your Spanish landline or mobile completely free!

No Connection, Setup Fees or Obligation
We do not charge any setup fees for our 0844 3p numbers, and there are no minimum minute commitments you need to hit. Simply tell us the diversion number you would like the calls to go to, this can be your Spanish landline or mobile. There are no bills from us to you at any time. Only if you select to purchase our advanced call handling facilities or Service Numbers will additional subscription costs apply, so with a simple divert in place the service is completely free!

Cost for People calling your 0844 3p number in the UK
Simple Telecoms 0844 3p Numbers are charged at.....yes you guess it....approximately 3p per minute from a BT landline in the UK, and may be included in some BT call included packages. Other providerís and mobile operators may change different rates for calling 0844 numbers. Dialing these numbers is limited to the UK, or through supporting VoIP providers such as
our self and Skype, they can't be dialed direct from Spain, for example.

Please visit the UK OFCOM website if you would like more details about calling UK 0844 numbers.

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