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O2 Basic Plan - 9.99 pm

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O2 Basic Plan - £9.99 pmO2 SIM only deal - £9.99 per month including VAT

Our O2 mobile phone SIM only service for the elderly option means no complicated monthly billing or long contracts. With our O2 SIM Basic Plan service the contract is just 30 days notice is all we need to cancel, with no disconnection fees to pay.

Just £9.99 per month Inc VAT
Unlimited UK standard minutes per month
Unlimited UK SMS (Text) per month

Just a 30 day rolling contract, no disconnection fees
Once off SIM connection cost + PP £36.00 including VAT

Estimated delivery date:  3-5 working days.
Monthly line rental is taken via DD only.

How your first bill is calculated

The invoice will show a charge for the whole month in which the invoice is issued and for the whole of the following calendar month. (2 whole months.) This advance payment means you'll have covered your 30 day notice period for cancellation, allowing us to terminate your SIM for you the same day you notify us should it become necessary.

If you've signed up to our service part way through a month, your first bill will also include a charge from the date the new service went live to the end of the part month. Please remember to tell the bill payer that the name of our Direct Debit will show on their bank statement as "Go Cardless.

Click Here for the full O2 SIM plan price list

As standard all SIM's are barred for accessing the services listed below.

Adult & Premium Calls
Chat & Premium Calls
International and Premium Rate
Incoming Roaming
Roaming (Standard)
Access to the Internet/Data
Incoming/Outgoing SMS*

*This barr can be lifted on request
All other barred services cannot be lifted
Monthly line rental is taken via DD only