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Report a Telephone line problem Once you are a Simple Telecoms customer you will be given a dedicated telephone number to contact one of our engineers should you have a problem. The first thing to do is to test with a different telephone before sending in a fault.

However you are welcome to use the form below to submit a fault, your details will be sent directly to one of our engineers. We would recommend this method for reporting a fault if in the early hours.

Openreach will aim to rectify the problem as soon as possible.However with effect from 01 January 2021, Openreach are on an amber status, across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. This means Openreach engineers will only entering an end customer premises if they have a total loss of service (TLOS).

If you supply your mobile number, we will provide you with regular updates of the progress made towards problem resolution by text message and let you know once the issue has been resolved.

BT Care Level 1- Included in our line rental charge
Clear by 23.59 day after next, Monday to Friday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays and weekends. For example, report Tuesday, clear Thursday.

BT Care Level 2
Clear by 23.59 next working day, Monday to Saturday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays. For example, report Tuesday, clear Wednesday.

BT Care Level 3
Report 13.00, clear by 23.59 same day. Report after 13.00 clear by 12.59 next day, seven days a week, including Public and Bank Holiday

We do our very best to try to help you eliminate any local problems over the phone.
We can test your line right up to the telephone line box in your home, however if we can't find a fault or fix the problem over the phone, we'll give you the option to book an engineer appointment. However, there is a cost involved with doing this, as there would be with any service provider call outs.
The most common problems we have found are

Batteries in cordless phones - This can give busy tone on both inbound and outbound calls. Change the batteries or remove the them for a few minutes and the replace them back in to the handset/s. We recommend rebooting the base station/s as well.

Flat batteries - Make sure if you are using a cordless phone that its fully charged, along with any extra handset connected to the same base station.
Faulty extension leads - If you are running an extension lead, plug the telephone directly in to the main telephone socket to see if you have a dial tone. If you do have a dial tone, replace the extension lead.

Ringer switched off - This is easily done, make sure the phone is not switch to silent or the ringer switched off.

Telephone unplugged - Make sure the telephone is still plugged in to the telephone socket.

Openreach Time Related Charges apply where:

The fault is found not to be with any Openreach service or equipment. This covers the situation where the fault is found to be. No fault found when tested, damp or corrosion; Charged when an engineer is dispatched to the field and finds no evidence of an Openreach Fault.

Fault Proved to customers equipment such as in the case of Cordless phones and Broadband equipment; The charged will be raised when the Openreach Engineer diagnoses the fault condition to the customers equipment.

Customerís wiring within the end customerís premises where damage has been caused by the end customer. 

Non-Openreach equipment; or due to damage caused on the Openreach network and equipment by someone at or factors emanating from within the end customerís premises (for example damp or internal flooding); or, due to theft, loss or removal of Openreach equipment within the end customerís premises including the Network Termination Point; and in the case of end customerís owned or rented equipment (but not Openreach's network) faults caused by external and environmental factors (e.g. lightning, electrical surges or floods whether or not emanating from within or outside of the end customerís premises).

Please Note
Openreach are seeing significantly higher levels than the expected weekly rate in relation to repair. As a result, they expect to see delays with new repair requests.
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