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New BT Home Telephone line

New BT Home Telephone line - 37% Cheaper than BT

Low cost new BT lines installed - BT Telephone Line Rental
If you require a new BT telephone line w
e can install this for just £75.00, including VAT.

The telephone lines we provide are supplied and supported by Openreach. Openreach are part of the BT Group, but are heavily regulated to ensure that no one provider has an advantage over the other. As such we buy our lines and support from Openreach on the same basis as everyone else. Using Openreach also means that we have 100% UK coverage.

We do all the work, from booking the line and the BT Openreach engineer to visit your home or the room in a care home. 
It takes around 14 working days to have your new landline telephone connection installed, depending on how busy the BT engineers are.

The Headline Prices - Almost everyone seems to be offering very attractive call packages and bundles (even BT) however nothing in life is free and Itís important to look at the detail as you could be paying more overall. Do not choose your telephone company just because you think it has the cheapest calls or line rental. Check out the tricks of the trade here.

You can pick a Gold or Silver number for your new BT telephone lineFor a small fee we offer a choice of telephone Gold and Silver telephone numbers which are available on the local BT exchange, hence you can now have a number to make it easier for people to remember.

Get a FREE New BT Line quotation without obligation

All New line checks are normally processed within 4 working hours and followed up with a email from a member of our sales team with a detailed free quotation without obligation of the monthly cost of your new telephone line and any Additional Features. Our New telephone lines only have 90 day contracts, and then switch to 30 day rolling contracts.

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    Restart BT Stopped Line - Just £45 with VAT

    When a phone line is cancelled it can sometimes enter a 'stopped' state, meaning the circuit still exists, but it remains unusable. Restarting a stopped line is considerably cheaper than a new installation as no engineer visit is needed, and normally the line can be bought back into service the same day. If a stopped line is not available you will require a new telephone line to be installed, this will be offered to you by our sales team as an option.

    In the event that you have a phone socket already installed try plugging in a telephone to see if there is a dial tone. If there is a dial tone present dial 17070 which will then read the circuit number back to you. Enter this reference number in the form below, (you are not placing an order with us) and if this matches with what we see in the BT Openreach system we should be able to restart the line for you.

    All line checks are normally processed within 4 working hours and followed up with a email
    from a member of our sales team with a detailed free quotation without obligation of the monthly cost and any Additional Features.
    Restarted lines only have a 30 day rolling contract.

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  • Telephone Line Rental - Service levels

    Home line rental

    We supply all our Home telephone lines with care level 1 included in the monthly line rental. 
    Care level 1 operates during working hours (0900 - 1800 hours Monday to Friday, excluding Public and Bank Holidays). BT will aim to respond to a fault report received before 1700 hrs on one working day by the end of the next working day.