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Display you business telephone number from your mobile with RIPDialer
Welcome to the Simple RIPDialer (Rapid Internet Protocol Dialer) for businesses using smartphone's

The Simple RIPDialer App is fantastic way for any businesses to show their main office or extension number other than their personal mobile number when using their mobile phone to make a business call. Call from multiple numbers through one Smartphone.

Replicall - Never before seen on mobile dialer App

This is a revolutionary new service enabling mobile phone users to replace their mobile phone number with an alternative number when they make a call. This is an ideal solution for anyone running a business, for when they don’t want their customers to know their mobile number or simply want customers to always call their business number.

You probably have more than one email address, and you can liken Replicall to this when you use different numbers for different people, the same as different emails for different people.

The App is available as a standalone mobile application (Android available now - IOS & Windows under development) and allows users to make high quality low cost international calls utilizing our low cost VoIP routes, all without actually making a VoIP call!

All you have to do is make a call to whichever destination you desire, and Simple RIPDialer seamlessly does the routing, no dial tone, no waiting, and because the originating call continues on the mobile network, there is no loss of connectivity or quality.

You can ONLY add phone numbers to your replicall numbers list that either; you own, control or have authority to use. We may request proof of ownership or authorisation for the use of different telephone numbers from you.

Active ‘Grey list & Blue lists’
Simply select a phone number from anywhere within your handset as you would normally and press the call button.
Active ‘Grey lists’ have been incorporated which allows you to always deliver your original mobile number to selected contacts like family or business colleague
s. Active ‘blue lists’ will allow you to select the delivery of different business/home telephone numbers for different contacts, ideal for those who run several businesses.

Fantastic rates
We believe we have the lowest call rates in the UK. Calls to UK landlines when terminated using our RIPDialer are just 0.94p per minute. When comparing our prices with others, please check their minimum price and minimum duration charges – it makes a very big difference to your final bill. Download our call rates here

To make a call:
Simply select a phone number from anywhere within your handset as you would normally, and press the call button. If you have Auto Dial activated or the number is in either the ‘Blue’ list or ‘Grey’ list, then RIPDialer will simply dial the number for you. You are also given the option to bypass the RIPDialer and make the call directly over your mobile provider, should you wish to do so.

Simple Smartphone RIPDialer brings you all these great benefits
  • No Pin's, Prefixes or Passwords needed
  • Call from multiple numbers through one device
  • Free UK 3p 0844 number pointed to your mobile, no inbound cost to you
  • Display your 3p 0844 numbers when calling clients
  • Show your extension or main telephone number at work
  • Dial directly from your phones contact list
  • Optimal call quality through our tier 1 carriers
  • Utilises GSM network - never blocked by carrier
  • Uses Just 12KB of data per call - non internet intensive
  • Works on your Android Smartphone, and easy to setup
  • No contracts or connection charges
  • Call UK Freephone numbers for FREE
  • Great international call rates
  • Replicall enabled - Pick the number you would like to display
  • Uses your included minutes to connect to our network
  • All support is in English

RIPDialer Business 0330 Non Geographic Telephone Number - £12.00 per year

Cloud 0330 numbers are 'virtual' and sit on an existing landline or mobile, in exactly the same way as other non-geographic numbers (e.g. 0800), making then great to display using your RIPDialar.  03 numbers differ from other ranges as most telephone providers now include calls to 0330 numbers in their included free minutes, even from mobiles.

You don't just get a phone number When you take a RIPDialer service with a 0330 telephone number we include a powerful call handling solution to ensure that your calls routes to you wherever you are, and should you not be available, or your office is closed, it comes with voice mail as standard, so your customer isn't forgotten. The only other cost to you pay is the divert cost to your landline or mobile.

Let's Get You Get Started - First you need the App

Click Here to get the App

The Simple RIPDialer App is Free to businesses users, all you need to do is just download the App and register your details. ²Before downloading the App just make sure you have the Unknown sources ticked in your Security Settings on your phone.

Step 1:
Download and Install the application by clicking on the Android icon just above
Step 2: Complete the basic form below with all the required information
Step 3:
¹You will revived your account information and setup guide via email
Step 4: Open the application and follow the prompts.
Step 5: ¹Verify your main mobile phone number (please see below)
Step 6: Add credit to your account, and start making calls. (credit accounts subject to status)

*Your Full Name/Business:
*Your Full Name:
*Your Email Address:
Business Telephone Number:
*Mobile Telephone Number:
¹Verify your phone number

In the App select the country you are based in and enter your mobile number in the space provided. Press the arrow button to verify. You will receive a text message giving you a pin code. Enter the pin code in the space provided and press the verify button. Please note, your account is not live for making calls until you have received your welcome email with your account information, this is normally within two hours during working hours.

Please Note: It can take between 1 and 2 hours for you to receive your welcome email with your account details. By sending your request for connection you agree to our Terms and conditions of service. We recommend you use this service on a contract mobile package with included minutes and internet as access is done via a local DDI number which is included in your mobile phone calling package.

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