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24GB Plan - £12.99 pm

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24GB Plan - £12.99 pm
Vodafone Data SIM only deal for your device - £12.99pm - 24GB Data Allowance

Our Vodafone mobile data 24GB SIM only service for the elderly option means no complicated monthly billing or long contracts. With our 24GB SIM Plan service the contract is just 30 days notice is all we need to cancel, with no disconnection fees to pay.

Just £12.99 per month Inc VAT
24GB Data allowance per month
Just a 30 day rolling contract
One off connection / PP cost £36

Bill Cap
To safeguard customers, Ofcom requires us to set a Bill Cap per month. This cap is outside the standard line rental and will cover any changes/calls or data that are outside of the call plan.

You can set the bill cap between £1 and £20 per month. Once the Bill Cap has been reached the service will automatically suspend the service until the next billing period. If you would like to lower or increase this cap, please let us know.

Estimated delivery date:  3-5 working days
Monthly line rental is taken via DD only.

How your first bill is calculated

The invoice will show a charge for the whole month in which the invoice is issued and for the whole of the following calendar month. (2 whole months.) This advance payment means you'll have covered your 30 day notice period for cancellation, allowing us to terminate your SIM for you the same day you notify us should it become necessary.

If you've signed up to our service part way through a month, your first bill will also include a charge from the date the new service went live to the end of the part month. Please remember to tell the bill payer that the name of our Direct Debit will show on their bank statement as "Go Cardless”.

Data allowance part month
A package is based on the whole billing period of any given month. However, if you connect part way through a month, you will only receive part of the data allowance (as you will only be billed part of the cost. For instance, if you connected the service on the 15th of the month, and you were on a package with a 40GB allowance, you would only be entitled to approximately 20GB for the remainder of the month.

Data usage 24GB.

Inappropriate usage would be considered as the following:
  • Any usage outside normal commercial practice
  • Any usage made via automated means (also see Gateway/AIT FUP)
  • Any usage that damages or impairs the hosting network
  • Any usage considered fraudulent, abusive, illegal or a nuisance
  • Once the 24GB data limit has been hit the service will automatically suspend until the following month.This cannot be lifted. 
  • Deposit will be needed for data roaming outside the UK.
We may investigate usage to ascertain whether your usage is in line with these guidelines. In the event inappropriate usage is determined then we reserve the right to restrict services, adjust the plan or terminate the agreement based on the severity of the misuse.

Gateways/Artificially Inflated Traffic (AIT)
Simple Telecoms does not allow SIM's to be used in any equipment which enables the routing of calls or data (including, without limitation, text, or picture messages) from fixed apparatus or standard devices to mobile equipment, by establishing a mobile-to-mobile call or transmission. Nor does it allow the use of any equipment which enables the sending of bulk SMS, voice, or data services. Simple Telecoms reserves the right to suspend without notice should we believe that such equipment is being used. During suspension, the liability for any access charges or calls will rest with the customer.
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