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TrueCall Nuisance call blocker

Call BlockerWhile the telephone is an essential lifeline, it can also bring problems for older people: mum or dad may be confused by cold and telemarketing calls, agree to order products and services they don’t need, or may be taken advantage of by unscrupulous sales people and scammers. trueCall Secure stops these callers in their tracks.

Outgoing call block – Some people suffering from dementia dial the same phone number repeatedly. They may call the speaking clock, a doctor’s surgery, or a member of the family.

This can run up high phone bills and be a nuisance to the people who receive the calls. trueCall Secure’s outgoing call barring feature allows you to block calls to certain phone numbers (or number ranges). When your relative dials one of the barred numbers they will just hear an unobtainable tone.

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TrueCall Nuisance call blocker
£ 108.00
Block Cold calls
Block Unwanted calla
No monthly rental charge
Blocks All Telemarketing calls
Blocks All International marketing calls