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Best mobile phone for the elderly

Best mobile phone for the elderlyMobile Phone Services For The Elderly

Our O2 and Vodafone hosted mobile phone service for the elderly offers convenient simple mobile phone packages with unlimited calls to UK standard numbers. We know finding the right mobile service can be confusing, so we are here to give you all the advice you need on which SIM plan would be the best to get the most out of the service.

Big button telephones for the elderly

Big button telephones for the elderlyAll of our Big Button home phones for the elderly have been selected and designed to be easy-to-use for people with cognitive loss or Alzheimer's. Also a lot of phones are also beneficial for people with reduced or impaired memory, poor vision, reduced dexterity, or who are hard-of-hearing.All of our Big Button home phones for the elderly have been selected and designed to be easy-to-use for people with cognitive loss or Alzheimer's 

Broadband Router and ATA battery Backup

Broadband Router and ATA battery BackupBroadband Router battery backup - The iPower is a plug in DC power source with built in Li-ion battery and advanced microprocessor controlled operation and charger. Designed for simple cost effective battery backup for 12V dc applications including modems, routers, hard disk drives, CCTV cameras - in fact any 12Vdc application under 25W. It will replace the existing power supply thereby providing improved efficiency and requiring no additional space  - a distinct advantage over AC UPS, and with built in 6KV surge suppression there's no requirement for a separate surge device either. 

Cloud Saver Vouchers

Cloud Saver VouchersCloud Phone Saver call credit vouchers
UK's Only 100% Fixed Cost Telephone Only Deals for Pensioners
Call credit voucher can be added be added instantly to an Cloud Phone Saver account from any telephone 24/7 if you have the account number and PIN to add the voucher.

Digital Line Cordless Phones

Digital Line Cordless PhonesDigital Line Cordless Phones are almost identical to the old copper based cordless phones, but the main difference is that the Digital phones come with a RJ11 lead that will connect in to any digital line router or ATA. The older copper based cordless phone will need an adaptor to make this connation. And not all old copper phones are compatible with the new digital lines.

Elderly Monitoring Cameras

Elderly Monitoring CamerasElderly Monitoring Cameras - Do you want to make sure that your elderly loved ones are receiving the best possible care? An elderly monitoring camera is the best way to achieve this.The new EZVIZ elderly security cameras have made it a reality for you to watch your elderly parents and grandparents from afar anytime on your phone or computer.
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