Broadband Router and ATA battery Backup

Broadband Router battery backup - The iPower is a plug in DC power source with built in Li-ion battery and advanced microprocessor controlled operation and charger. Designed for simple cost effective battery backup for 12V dc applications including modems, routers, hard disk drives, CCTV cameras - in fact any 12Vdc application under 25W. It will replace the existing power supply thereby providing improved efficiency and requiring no additional space  - a distinct advantage over AC UPS, and with built in 6KV surge suppression there's no requirement for a separate surge device either. 

Broadband Router battery backup
£ 40.00

Router Battery Backup

Auto start when plugged in
Manual power off switch
LED indicators
Overload, short-circuit protection
Overcharge and discharge protection

APC Back-UPS ES 400 - UPS with 8 outlets
£ 107.58
8X UK plug outlets
Ideal for router, Care Alarms
Safety-agency approved
User-replaceable batteries
Automatic self-test
Audible alarms
Free delivery
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Secure payment
4.9 rating
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