Phoneline+ - Your home number on your mobile
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You can now move your home phone number on to your mobile with Phoneline+ - The new Phonline+ telephone service is the closest alternative to a home telephone phone service you can get, but it's on your mobile. With more and more people having access to the full fibre (FTTP, FTTH) broadband service to their homes having a copper-based line is no longer needed. However, most people have had their telephone number for years, and for a lot of seniors and pensioners keeping their telephone number is a must.
Phoneline+ has been specifically designed to replace your traditional landline service using VoIP technology to deliver voice calls over the broadband network or mobile data, using a Smart Phone App or a ATA that plugs in to your broadband router. And all at a highly competitive price, and a great entry-level digital line solution for customs who would prefer to have the home number with them wherever they go, regardless of if in the UK or not.
Phoneline+ VoIP service

Keep your number

Bring your existing home number with you or start over with a new telephone number, the choice is yours. You can even have more than one number, so you can pick what number to display when making a call. 

Choose your device

Make and receive calls from where you are rather than where the phone is ringing. Phoneline+ can be loaded on the device or devices of your choice including laptop, tablet, or mobile phone, and offers simultaneous ringing across all devices.

works from home

We offer pre-configured digital adaptor that’s shipped directly to you so you can use a standard handset to make calls as well on your mobile. Or if you prefer, just use it at home and not your mobile, the choice is yours.

Desktop App

The Desktop App is ideal for a family member, Community Health Workers, to keep an eye on things. you can also block numbers, both inbound and outbound, and you can choose which direction you'd like to block a number. Available on premium only.

PhoneLine+ - Packages and pricing

Digital Phoneline+ VoIP line

Basic + - 7.99 /month

✔  30 Day rolling contract
✔  Mobile app Android or Apple
✔  Unlimited Local calls*
✔  Unlimited National calls*
✔  Includes a free local number
✘  No included mobile minutes
✘  Includes Desktop app
✘ Inbound/Outbound call blocking
✘  Free port of your home number

Premium + - 15.99 /Month

✔  30 Day rolling contract
✔  Free port of your home number
✔  Includes a free local number
✔  Includes Desktop app
✔  Mobile app Android or Apple
✔  Inbound/Outbound call blocking
✔  Unlimited local minutes*
✔  Unlimited national minutes*
✔  Unlimited mobile minutes*
✔  Unlimited minutes Australia**
✔  Unlimited minutes N/Zealand**
✔  Unlimited minutes Canada**
✔  Unlimited minutes USA**
✔  Unlimited minutes Ireland**
You can now move you home phone number on to your mobile

Standard + - 11.99 /Month

✔  30 Day rolling contract
✔  Mobile app Android or Apple
✔  Unlimited Local calls*
✔  Unlimited National calls*
✔  Unlimited mobile calls*
✔  Includes a free local number
✘  Includes Desktop app
✘ Inbound/Outbound call blocking
✘  Free port of you home number

Openreach withdrawal of copper-based voice lines
The UK’s century old telephone network is changing

First things first, don’t panic. Everyone will have to make the move to an all VoIP Digital Cloud telephone solution anyway, so this is your chance to get ahead of the game.
As reported in the National Press and the BBC, Openreach is no longer installing any more copper-based phoneline from September 2023. And withdrawing ALL copper-based voice telephone lines from the UK’s network on December 31st, 2025, as the network will reach its end of life.
Phoneline+ Copper phone line replacement

PhoneLine+ - User Features

Included Unlimited calls to UK standard landlines and mobiles*
*Outbound call routing includes unlimited calls to UK standard fixed lines starting 01, 02 and 03, and UK standard Mobile destinations in charge bands O2, Orange, T-Mobile, Vodafone, H3, EE, Three and other providers in charge bands FM1, FM3, FM4, FM5 and FM6 at any time. International destinations including Premium rate are automatically barred (Not including international destinations included). Calls to non-included destinations are charged accordingly via Simple Telecoms rate card. Unlimited included calls are subject to Terms and Conditions re: fair use policy.  The International call bar can be removed, but maybe subject to a deposit. We cannot remove the Premium barring on any account.
Included Unlimited call to selected landline international destinations**
**Unlimited calls to landlines only - Australia, New Zealand, Canada, US, and Ireland. Other International destinations are barred as standard. Calls to mobiles to the listed destinations are barred and will require the international call barring to be lifted.
Pick which telephone number to show (CLI) Presentation
Where users have multiple numbers associated with their account, they can choose which one to use as their presentation number on a call-by-call basis. So, a user could have a dedicated number for friends and family, or even the doctors. They can also elect to withhold the number in the same way. Available on: Desktop Client, Mobile App, Web Browser, Physical Handset (CLI withhold only)
Numbering & Porting your home number/s
Users will be allocated a UK local geographic number at the time of setup. Users are not limited to a single number and can choose which to present as their outgoing CLI. Number porting of your home number to Phoneline+ is free of charge on the premium+ package only.  Porting will only be supported from range holders that Simple Telecoms have a direct porting agreement with. Non-Geographic number porting is not currently available. Please note - If you move your call plan from Premium within the first 3-month period the cost of porting your home number will become chargeable. Please contact us for more information.
Access to Emergency Services
The is provided as defined by Ofcom, this can be used to support Emergency Services calls. Once the service is deployed to the customer, 999/112 public emergency call services can be accessed and will be routed to one of several national emergency call handling agents. This emergency call handling agent may not be geographically the closest to the area code indicated by the calling CLI. The CLI presented will always be the user CLI, indicated as a VoIP service type from Simple Telecoms, so that the emergency services operator will check the address details on the National Database. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the address provided via the profile setting within the PhoneLine+ client is always up to date.
Calls to emergency services will be presented with a CLI relating to the PhoneLine+ service.
As a VoIP service, PhoneLine+ may not always be available in the following circumstances:
During a service outage where the end-customer loses connectivity for example, owing to a power outage or the failure of DSL routing equipment or mobile data coverage.
If an end-customer’s account has been suspended.
In such circumstances the end-customer should use their Mobile phone network directly to make the emergency call. In addition, the end-user should also be made aware that the emergency personnel would need to confirm the identity and the actual location of the caller when they dial.
Access to Service Short Codes
The following short codes are available:
100 – Operator services
101 – Police non-emergency
105 – Electricity helpline
111 - NHS
116 – EU helpline numbers
118 – Directory Services
119 – Covid-19
123 – Speaking clock
195 – Access to blind
116123 - Samaritans
Destinations are charged accordingly via Simple Telecoms rate card.
Block numbers, both inbound and outbound
Providing your call plan supports access to the Desktop App you can block both inbound and outbound calls. You can choose which direction you'd like to block a number. Inbound will prevent calls coming in whereas, Outbound will prevent calls being made to that number. Selecting both In and Outbound will prevent calls to or from this number. Please note - the number must be a standard telephone number, and cannot be used to block numbers like 118, 123 etc.

PhoneLine+ - FAQ's

How much will it cost to port my home telephone number?
If you are on the Premium call plan this is free of charge. On call plans Basic and Standard the cost to port your copper-based number/s into the service would be 21.99 inc VAT per number. Please note - If you move your call plan from Premium within the first 3 month period the cost of porting your home number will become chargeable.
Can I move my telephone number to a different provider?
Yes, however, the provider you are moving to will be responsible for this process. Customers that have ported their telephone number out of the Phoneline+ network to another provider will not be eligible for a free of charge port back to the Simple Telecoms network until the term of 24 months has passed from the original port out date, irrespective of any current or future offers being advertised in the press or Simple Telecoms websites. Should you wish to move your telephone number back to us within the 24-month period, there would be a cost to so.
Can I lift the barring of the International and Premium rate numbers?
To safeguard all our customers, call barring for International and Premium rate numbers starting 09 and some 08 numbers will be applied automatically to the Phoneline+ line. Please note - Due to Ofcom directive classifying certain (not all) 08 numbers as premium rate, you will still be unable to call some 08 numbers as they are now classed as Premium rate numbers, premium rate barring cannot be removed, unlike the international call barring, which can be removed. Ofcom directive classifying certain 08 numbers as premium rate in these charge bands, SC011, SC13, SC014, SC047, SC075, SC092, SC093.
Can I move to a new address and keep the same number and service?
Yes, you can move from address to address and keep your current telephone number. However, you will need to let us know the new address so we can update the 999 address information that BT has for you with the emergency services.
Can I use the service like a normal telephone line at home?
Yes, we offer a digital ATA adaptor if you would like to use a standard handset to make calls and not your mobile. The digital adaptor will need to be connected some sort of broadband connection at the address to work. We can provide the broadband service, if need be, as well. Please note we cannot provide config or setup information, as the units are provided locked to the Phoneline+ system. Please contact us for more information and cost. 0330 122 0000, Monday to Friday 9AM to 5PM
How much is the unit so I can use normal telephone line at home?
The cost for the ATA unit to allow you to use the service from home using a standard telephone handset would cost 86.99 inc VAT. The unit is fully setup and tested before shipping. All you need to do is plug the unit in to a spare port on your router, and then let us know you are ready. When a call comes in both your mobile and your home phone will ring. 
Will Phoneline+ work on the new Digital lines?
Yes, in fact it was made with the new digital SoGEA lines in mind. We can provide or convert your existing home line or install a new Digital SoGEA line for you. The Phoneline+ will also work on all FTTP and FTTH feeds provided by other providers as well. If you would like us to give you a cost for a new or transfer to a digital line, just give us a call on 0330 122 0000.
How reliable is the Phoneline+ service?
it’s very reliable, The Phoneline+ service is a fully managed by our partner Gamma Telecoms Ltd, which one of the biggest Wholesale telecoms providers in the UK. However, you will need an account with us to use the service and App, as Gamma do not offer this service to the end users directly. However, the service is totally reliant on you having a good broadband connection if being used at home, or mobile data if on your mobile.
What if I change my Smartphone?
Not a problem, simply download the App to your new phone, and put in your login information and the App will be ready to go on your new phone.
How long is the contract?
As with almost all out services, the contract is a 30-day rolling contract, with 30 days’ notice for disconnection. There are NO disconnection cost to pay. Please remember if you have an ATA for the use of making calls at home this will become redundant as well. The ATA can only be reconnected to the Phoneline+ service, and not a third parties digital VoIP service/s.
What if I have a power cut?
If you are using an ATA at home, we recommend you use a battery backup. However, if you are using the mobile App the loss of power will not affect the service, as you mobile will switch to your mobile data, and providing you have set up the system to call your mobile you can make and receive calls in the normally way. Well until your mobile goes flat!
What is the Desktop App used for?
The Desktop App is ideal for a family member, Community Health Workers, to keep an eye on things. you can also block numbers, both inbound and outbound, and you can choose which direction you'd like to block a number. Inbound will prevent calls coming in whereas, Outbound will prevent calls being made to that number. Selecting both In and Outbound will prevent calls to or from this number. Please note - the number must be a standard telephone number, and cannot be used to block numbers like 118, 123 etc.

Important information on Phoneline+ Digital Lines

Phoneline+ Terms and Conditions
How the Monthly Billing works
You will be charged rental from the day Simple Telecommunications Ltd supply the Phoneline+ service. All chargeable services are paid in advance. The first invoice will show a charge for the whole month in which the invoice is issued and for the whole of the following calendar month. (2 whole months). This advance payment means you'll have covered your 30-day notice period for cancellation, allowing us to terminate your service/s for you the same day you notify us should it become necessary. It will also include the part month during which the service went live with us. Services are provided subject to status and or credit check.
Service payment methods
We only except Direct Debit for monthly service payments. Our Direct Debits are collected by "GoCardless" which are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Authorized Payment Institution. Your payments are protected by the Direct Debit guarantee. Direct Debits are set up directly with our direct debit partners via our website or by email. It is not possible to fill out a paper DD mandate and post it back. Services and paying via Direct Debit are subject to status and or credit checks.
Care Alarm systems
Customers who are vulnerable or using pendant service need to contact their service provider, as not all personal/care alarm services are compatible with digital telephone lines. Just to be clear - It is NOT the voice providers responsibility to make sure third-party equipment is compatible. We strongly advise that you check before committing to taking a digital line, as moving back to a copper-based line may not be possible to reverse.
Ownership of the Phoneline+ home ATA unit
As of 1st of January 2022, you own the Phoneline+ ATA ordered and sent out to you. This is not applicable to routers, Hubs if you have our broadband services. Which if you leave Simple Telecoms, you will be required to return those items to us.  Please note, the Phoneline+ ATA is locked to the service, and thus cannot be used to connect to any third-party services.
Emergency Service Listing (999,112)
It is the end user’s sole responsibility to notify us of a change of address/location where the service is being used on a permanent basis. This will be used by the police, fire, and ambulance services to provide 999 services to the caller and allows them to identify who is calling. The Service can be accessed from within England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. If you use the Service outside England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland you will not be able to call emergency services in the country where you are located. This includes outside the UK.

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