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WiFi Mesh Home Wifi Extender

Improve your home Wi-Fi equipment with our extender

Unlike an extender, which you can add to an existing Wi-Fi network, mesh systems are typically complete replacements for your home Wi-Fi.

Tenda Nova MW3 Mesh Wifi Extender Mesh system offer better speeds than WiFi extenders because the mesh router and satellite nodes are specially tuned to create a unified network.

They also cooperate by instantly handing-off connections to devices to the fastest point as you move around the home.

WiFI Tenda Nova MW3 Mesh Wifi Extender
£ 79.98

Pack of 3 WiFi nodes
Secure WiFi network for a three-story house
Gigabit speed for 4K videos
Management with the Tenda WiFi App
Easy and fast installation with pre-configuration

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FREE Delivery on all hardware
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