Phone Line only Service

Big Button Telephones

All of our Big Button home phones have been selected for the specific needs of our users. A number of our models also feature an SOS buttons. 
Doro 331C Big Button
£ 28.00(31.72 €)

Visual ring indicator
HAC (Hearing Aid Compatibility).
Very easy to operate
3 one-touch photo buttons
Easily adjustable volume

Geemarc Dallas 10 Big Button
£ 29.99(33.98 €)

Large keypad for ease of use
Ringer indicator light
Direct memories - 3
Indirect memories - 10
Last number redial
Ringer volume control
Hearing aid compatible
BT Big Button 200
£ 29.99(33.98 €)

Extra large keys
Three one-touch memory
10 two-touch number memory
Amplified in or outgoing speech
LED call indicator
Hearing aid compatible

BT 4000 Big Button Dect Twin
£ 63.97(72.47 €)

Type II Caller display
50 Number calls list
30 Number redial list
100 Name & number
Call Control that blocks nuisance calls

Doro PhoneEasy cordless Duo
£ 64.74(73.34 €)

Extra large keys
Big buttons for easier use
Loud ringer and handset volume
5 memory redial
20 memory phonebook
Geemarc Emergency Response
£ 100.00(113.29 €)

Adjustable receiving volume control
Adjustable receiving tone control
Outgoing speech amplification
5 one direct memories
10 priorities memories
Handsfree / speaker phone