Phone Line only Service

Big button telephones

Big button telephonesAll of our Big Button home phones have been selected for the specific needs of our users. A number of our models also feature an SOS buttons, and designed to be easy-to-use for people with cognitive loss or Alzheimer's.

BT Loud extension ringer

BT Loud extension ringerThe Bell 50E from BT, is suitable for internal use in noisy environments where a loud ring is required

Classic rotary telephones

Classic rotary telephones For anyone who's looking for a simple phone, we offer broad range with features that make them ideal phones for elderly individuals.

GSM mobile 3G/2G fixed telephone

GSM mobile 3G/2G fixed telephoneA GSM 3G/2G fixed telephone is ideal if you need a line fast, without waiting for Openreach to install a line. It also offers a far lower monthly rental cost running a GSM fixed telephone

Mobile Phone for the elderly

Mobile Phone for the elderlyWe offer a large range for big button mobile phones for the elderly. With functional, easy to use mobile phone with large buttons and large font for greater visibility and ease of use. We would recommend looking at the CPR CS900, as this comes complete will call blocker and talking keypad.

Nuisance call blockers

Nuisance call blockersBlock cold and telemarketing calls with the CPR Call blocking system. CPR's  Secure’s outgoing call barring feature allows you to block calls to certain phone numbers (or number ranges).