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How to call UK Freephone numbers from Spain for FREE

Call UK Freephone numbers from Spain
Why do UK companies use 0800 numbers?
UK companies frequently use freephone numbers because it allows the customer to contact them for free, as its the business that is paying for the call. 

However calling UK freephone number from outside the UK can prove to be costly, and that's if your telephone provider allows calls to them.  So we decided to provide a solution for Spanish expats to call these numbers, at No cost and No prepayment. All you need to do is register your home and mobile number that you would like to call's that easy.

Calling a 0800 number from your Spanish Landline or Spanish Mobile Phone

Step 1 - From the registered landline or mobile number call our local Spanish number 96 11 96 070.
Step 2 - At the prompt Dial the UK 0800xxx number you would like to call (do not dial 0044800XX)
Step 3 - Your call will now connect to the 0800 number free of charge
Step 4 - To make another call don't hang up, just push # #, then just dial your next 0800xxx number

Just a note - If using your mobile phone DO NOT push the send button once you have put in the 0800 numbers you would like to call. In doing so you will place the call on hold and you will make the call over your mobile provider, who will charge you for the call. Call cost to our 961196070 number will be at your providers standard rate, unless you have included minutes to Spanish numbers.

How do I register ?

First of all you will need to register your home or mobile number with us. You can 
do this by filling out the form below,  Within 24 hours you will receive an email with confirmation that your telephone numbers/s are now live.

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